Self Assessment: Leadership

Updated April 21, 2022

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Self Assessment: Leadership essay

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There are three levels of management where managers have different roles to perform for the organization to have a smooth performance. On the first assessment, I score the following result 45 pts which indicated I may have high motivation to lead. Hence, I am on the right path for career inclination. I am confident I have a good foundation for a future leadership role, which makes me happy. I will continue taking an educative and subjective decision that will improve my opportunities to have my personal career in order. For example, at my work, I volunteer to spend my own free time to lead and organize group activities. Some other times to help other teams to finish their projects on time. Even if there is no compensation for doing such tasks. I have found those experiences to be fun and rewarding. I believe I have a calling to provide leadership when the opportunity presents itself. For example, displaying my interest in a new task will demonstrate my superior that I am paying attention to the work of others. Also, I understand how everyone else’s work contributes to the goals of the department and the entire organization to accomplish the best results.

My co-works and my managers describe me as a person who adjusted to new conditions easily and has good analytical skills. People with high adaptability are often described as flexible, professional, or as someone who is workable. The benefits of being adaptable apply both in the workplace and personal life. For instance, many companies or organizations increasingly want personnel which can adapt to an ever-changing workplace. Being adaptable I am open to new ideas, and I don’t need to do things just because that is how they have always been done. I could anticipate changes and I do not panic when things do not go according to plan. To adapt is to develop, to change. To change I must give up what I once believed to be right, classify it as wrong. Then adopt what I now believe to be the new right. Adaptable people have a more than one plan in place. When plan A does not work there is always a plan B. Rather than getting jammed on one solution to crack a problem. Analytical skills allude to the ability to gather and break down data, problem-solve and decide. The employee with this strength can take care of an organization’s issues and enhance its general profitability and achievement. The analytical skills are used at work, personal life and at school as well. Especially for projects, detecting arrays, perceiving, interpreting data, adding new information, making decisions based on various aspects and alternatives available. As an effective analytic, I need knowing what is relevant and what is not.

I have been told by both managers and co-workers that I can be very impatient. When a project or a situation has been identified as vital to do, I need to work on it now and finish it as quickly as possible. I anticipate that of myself, and I presume it of my colleagues and subordinates. I have learned to distinguish that there are always more tasks to be done than any of us have time to do. Meaning that we as a whole we have different urgency. So I have learned to prioritize and organize my own work, either without anyone else’s input or with my manager or team. I really keep a list and share the top 10 items on that list with my manager and my team. In this way, I observed I was able to accomplish more tasks. It is efficient and effective to focus on what is most important to my manager.

In this course MGT 3201, I learned that the manager is a job position that is used in organizations to represent an employee who has specifics tasks and responsibilities to lead functions, departments or employees. To become a good manager you need five essential skills. Such as communication, time management, organizational awareness, problem-solving, and leadership. I learned about management process activities which are planning, organize, leading and controlling. Also, I learned about the managerial role, and about the organization and its environment. In other words, I learned the basic summary of management and understanding of customary management, its philosophy, and role in society, knowledge of models for planning, analysis, and control of the management function in a company or organization.

Taking the self-assessment I was surprised to see myself that I have high motivation to lead, high need for achievement, readiness to assume a leadership role. Surprised because this self-assessments agree with my career goal to be in leadership positions in the future. I prefer to work for a company or organizations where pay and performance are related and where advancement is possible. In addition to the results of this self-assessment, I can judge my level of need for achievement by the need I feel to earn consistently high grades in my coursework.

I did not know before taking the assessment that I am a situationist. Meaning that I am high on both idealism and relativism scales. According to the result in the second assessment, the high relativism scores suggest that these managers reject universal moral principles in favors of a situational, or relativist, approach to ethical decision making. Highly idealistic individuals believe that by doing the “good” or “right” thing, desirable consequences will always be obtained. These individuals emphasize humanitarian and altruistic concerns when making ethical decisions. The typical attitude is to “reject moral rules” and support that each situation should be analyzed individually.

Going forward, I will put effort into developing my skills, balance authority with compassion, and demonstrate that I am worthy of my team’s trust. I will be open to feedback and criticism, and use it to grow. I will study to communicate well. I will take actions and make recommendations for the good of the organization.

Self Assessment: Leadership essay

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