Relationship Between Quantum Physics and Free Will

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Scientists are still wondering and debating the existence of the free will. Some scientists support a free will, the ability to make a choice freely or spontaneously despite any situation. Others are followers of determinism theory in which future results are based on past events and are predictable. Henry Thomas Buckle was a British historian who used natural science method to exam history and represented the idea of free will. Buckle argued, even if you believe in free will, it does not mean that it is.

There is no such way to explain whether you have free will or you just believe that you do. Any example that might look like free will can be explained one way another. There is no rule or law of physics that can predict an action of any human being. He explained free will as a possibility to make a choice that could not be predicted.

Definition of quantum physics was recognized in the 1920s in which the idea of probability theory decreases those possibilities of predictions. Quantum physics cannot explain some things which are predefined but happen with slight chance anyways or are happen randomly thereby supports free will existence.

As it comes to human behavior studying, free will or determinism theory approach not quite proper. Although many experts use the concept of free will to prove that human behavior has active respond to both external and internal stimuli.


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