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Self-Concept and Development of Identity

Pages 4 (776 words)



Social, biological, and cultural factors influence the development of identity and self-concept from middle childhood through early adolescence. Self-concept proceeds from a rather simple structure to a much more organized and coherent structure in adulthood through a process of stage-like changes (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). The changes that occur through elementary school and the years…

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The Two-Way Symmetry Concept in Excellence Theory Argumentative Essay

Pages 10 (2 492 words)


Organizational Behavior

This essay discusses and analyses the Excellence Theory in academic perspectives. Also, discourse the intensive arguments between the scholars regarding the content of the theory and symmetry communications. (Grunig, 1992) states “The excellent organisations stay close to their customers, employees and other strategic constituencies”. On the other hand, some scholars think the excellence theory is…

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Concept of Fatigue Review

Pages 6 (1 397 words)



Walker and Avant define concept as the starting point upon which theory is built (Walker & Avant, 2011). A concept must be explained so that it is not open to more than one interpretation, as well as incorporating a specific application for its use, which provides specific description that is clear to the reader (Walker…

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Nursing Metaparadigms: A Concept Synthesis Argumentative Essay

Pages 13 (3 042 words)



In the world of nursing, it is commonplace to hear the question, “Why did you chose nursing?”. For many, there is a short and informal answer that intends to emulate the belief systems, values, and personal experiences of that individual’s life that has led them to the career of nursing. Yet, regardless of the answer…

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Concept Analysis of Rural

Pages 4 (825 words)


Rural is a complex concept, and many sources describe it in different ways. The purpose of this paper is to explore and define the concept of rural, and describe how it relates to the future practice of a family nurse practitioner. Discussion Clarify Purpose The reason for choosing this concept for analysis is to develop…

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Current Pattern of Green Housing Concepts in Kerala Case Study

Pages 12 (2 891 words)



Save Environment

Abstract Kerala, named as the god’s own country, tagline first created by Mr. Walter Mendez, have the rich cultural heritage. The name God’s own country is because which have an extra ordinary land with almost all elements of nature. The Kerala’s architecture style was evolved from the peculiar climate and long history of influences of…

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Concept Analysis

Pages 10 (2 332 words)



Nursing is a profession that over the years has developed a multitude of theories to help define different aspects within the concepts of nursing. A concept analysis is a useful tool in theory development as it is a way to clearly “define or distinguish concepts and provides a universal language for understanding within a discipline”…

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Concept of Alarm Fatigue in Intensive Care Units

Pages 12 (2 992 words)



Concept Analysis Concepts analysis is a process of studying the basic elements of a concept or idea (McEwen & Willis, 2014). Concepts analysis helps to advance concept transparency. To describe the concept, a concept is a theoretical idea (Honan, et a.,2015). A concept can be defined as a word which conveys in-depth understanding, and a…

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Idea of the Self-Concept

Pages 3 (722 words)



Self Esteem

The whole idea of the self-concept goes a long way, especially in today’s time. To think about it, even how we see ourselves now is based off what ideas have been recorded and implanted in our minds through society. So, one thing that can always be in question all the time is whether anything we…

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Two Concepts in Pedagogy

Pages 8 (1 793 words)



Paulo Freire, an educator, philosopher, and advocate for education was born in Recife, Brazil. He is known as one of the most important educators of the twentieth century (Shih, 2018). At a young age, Freire began to develop ideas from his own experiences while living in Brazil. He believed in the fighting of oppression because…

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