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Ahistorical, Tokenistic, and Legalistic Fallacies

Pages 3 (530 words)

Critical Thinking


The Ahistorical fallacy concerns the belief that the historical acts of yesteryear have no effect on the present day. People who believe this would think that events that happened in the past, happened so long ago that they are irrelevant to the current state of racism. Under this fallacy even huge factors such as the…

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Brief about Five Fallacies

Pages 4 (851 words)

Critical Thinking


Five of the fallacies I am going to talk about in this short essay are Tu Quoque fallacy or the appeal to hypocrisy, Causal fallacy, Hasty Generalization, Bandwagon fallacy, and Appeal to Authority (argument ad verecundiam). Tu Quoque Fallacy or the Appeal to Hypocrisy Tu Quoque Fallacy or the appeal to hypocrisy is a logical…

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Fallacies in Village Politics

Pages 9 (2 225 words)

Critical Thinking


As quote from Hannah More’s Village Politics indicates, nothing in this world is perfect and this dialogue is no exception, full of logical fallacies that diminish More’s anti-revolution argument. Written as a counter to the pro-revolutionary Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, More was attempting to dissuade the “wild impressions of liberty and equality” that…

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The Fallacies of Sass in “Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood”

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Herbert Ravenel Sass, a historian and nationalists living from 1884 to 1958 used large and, at times, misleading conjunctions and vocabulary skewing and contradicting his meaning during his essay arguing why the Supreme Court decision forbidding compulsory racial separation in public schools was wrong due to southern “preference” and that continued prejudice was called for. His…

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Applying of Intentional Fallacy to Internet Memes

Pages 11 (2 643 words)



Memes are everywhere. On social media, decorating grade school classrooms, printed on t-shirts, and influencing dance moves. But what is a meme? The Miriam-Webster Dictionary states that a meme is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Or “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned…

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