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Confucius and Socrates: Similarities and Differences Between Two Philosophers

When studying the teachings of Confucius and Socrates it is very easy to come to the conclusion that their beliefs were drastically different from one another. Although this is partially true, there are many elements and core values that remain the same within both of these philosophers’ thinkings. In fact, many beliefs are almost identical…




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Comparison of Confucius and Lao Tzu Philosophy

The Tao Te Ching is the base of Taoism, written by Lao Tzu, it also slightly influenced Confucianism and Buddhism. The Tao Te Chang basically teaches people to flow with the universe and to live by your heart. Lao believes in following the natural flow, detaching yourself from desire. That doesn’t mean you can’t have…




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Confucius and Impact of His Philosophy

The way Confucius viewed education was very unique to the way we think of education in today’s day and age. This is why people are starting to “revive” his way of thinking and bringing it into ways of teaching in the education system. “The Master said:” Reviving the old as a means of realizing the…




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Was Confucius Religious?

Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher, political figure and teacher with devoted followers that continued to teach and carry out both his beliefs and legacy after his passing. The philosopher’s teachings focused on creating ethical models of public and family interactions as well as setting educational standards. At a young age, Confucius was a lover…




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Is Confucius’ Original Teaching Philosophy or Religion?

It’s a difficult question to answer really. A simple answer is that Confucianism is a philosophy, but the truth is much more complicated. Confucianism should be considered a philosophy because it was originally a teaching about how a nation should be governed envisioned by Confucius himself. Also, almost all of Confucius’ original teachings wereis about…




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The Assessment of Confucius on the Legacy of Mao Zedong

Kong Qui alias K’ung Fu-tzu was a Chinese philosopher, teacher, and political stature. Confucius played a significant role in shaping not only the social, economic, and political life of China, but as well as of the world. The teachings of Confucius are preserved in the Analects and promote social cohesion amid people whilst creating ethical…




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Confucius’ Ideas in the Analects

Introduction The Anelets itself is no more then a book of saying or quotes from a philosopher known as Confucius and some of his closer contemporaries. The text was written, most likely, by Confucius’s disciples after his death during the Warring States Period. In spite of its popularity today, the text lived in the shadows…




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Confucius and Effect of Confucianism is Asia

Confucius once said, “what has one who is not able to govern himself, to do with governing others”. Confucianism was based on the Mandate of Heaven, teaching people how to behave in their social rank, and helped them form a strong government. Confucianism helped the people of China to be independent, have faith in a…



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Comparison of Moral Codes in Kenkō’s Essays of Idleness and Confucius’ Analects

In Essays of Idleness, Kenkō uses several statements and short stories to discuss his Buddhist ideology and how meditation can be used to better oneself and society. In a similar format, Confucius’ Analects uses short stories and statements from “The Master” to convey Confucian ideology, in which tradition and exemplars are highly valued. Although both…




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How the Analects of Confucius and 20th and 21st Century Politics are Connected?

Confucius (551-479 BCE) was one of the most influential thinkers in not only Ancient Chinese history, but also world history. He’s probably recognized as China’s first truly great teacher during the Zhou Dynasty. His ideas have not only enhanced Chinese culture and history to where it is today, but also other countries in Eastern Asia…




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September 28, 551 BC, Lu


April 11, 479 BC, Lu


Confucius was a Chinese philosopher, poet and politician of the Spring and Autumn period who is traditionally considered the paragon of Chinese sages. Confucius's teachings and philosophy underpin East Asian culture and society, remaining influential across China and East Asia to this day.


Kong Li, Kong Rao, Li Gong


Chinese philosopher

Full name: Kong Qiu

Place of burial: Cemetery of Confucius, Jining, China

Nicknames: Extremely Sage Departed Teacher

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