Prehschool Observation

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The setup and infrastructure :

The date of my observation was February 2019. It was about 9am in the morning when I began my study. I went to Little Millennium Preschool. The school is located 100mts from the Highway. There is a Metro station nearby which makes it easier to travel eliminating the morning traffic. The outdoor environment is safe with high walls, locked gates and a security guard. The outdoors may have many activities and encourage children to interact with one another. There are painted walls, a playground equipped with slides, Trampoline with enclosure, swings, portable pool air tub and mud play area. Few Goat Statue Standing Figurine where kept in the loan to welcome students with a smile. Just after entering the plot on the left side was a small office area ( reception) where the manager and a staff occupied. The office was kept clean with a colorful and friendly ambience. Heading straight to the one floor designed school I could see teachers and helpers welcoming students with a pleasant smile. Inside there were 3 classrooms with attached bathrooms plus one kitchen and hall area. One class was for settlers, then 3-4 years and 4-5 years. Every nook and corner of the preschool was kept clean and tidy. There was excellent drainage and waste disposal system.

Daily Planning and Activities performed in the school:

9.30am Preparation – The staff prepare the classroom by taking down chairs from the table, placing rug pieces on the floor for Circle Time, preparing the snack for the day, setting up art projects and developmental skill areas on the tables, turning on the computer, preparing sanitizing solution and washing hands for the day.
10am Once every student had reached, they were made to stand in rows and the school anthem was sung. This followed by “ the month song” , few warm up exercises and birthday wishes. Then children were lined up and taken to classes. Every day covered playtime, English, Math, Science, Arts, Tv time, Outdoor Activities, Reading time, Free play, Nap time and circle time. They had an extensive library of wide variety and age-appropriate literature for children. This comfortable area provides a quiet place to read and relax.
12pm Clean Up/Snack/Health – Children share the responsibility of cleaning up the preschool. Self-help skills such as independent toileting, washing hands, pouring juice, and rinsing cups are encouraged here. Snack is also a social time where teachers teach children table manners.
1pm Few students who are in the half day category left school with their parents. Few students were put to sleep. Teachers and helpers changed clothes, diapers and a quick refresh session was done.
2pm From 2 pm free play, circle time and other outdoor play where done and other classes where conducted.
3pm The children sing the “Good-bye Song”, practice self-help skills by putting on their shoes, and gathering projects or information to be taken home. The parent or caregiver is asked to enter the classroom to pick-up their child.
Teaching Methodology:
A creative and nurturing learning environment that encourages a strong sense of self-accomplishment in children. They have an appropriate teaching strategy based on expert knowledge of how young children learn. All the programs were age-appropriate and individually-appropriate. Their goal is to encourage growth in multiple areas, physical, cognitive and language development. The objectives of their teaching include:
• Developing social skills
• Enhancing esteem through self-accomplishment
• Learning how to value another person’s rights by teaching respect for others
• Encouraging cognitive development appropriate for each child’s learning style
• Developing an appropriate pattern of dependence and independence
• Fostering a sense of continuity between school and the outside world
Resources Available in the classroom:


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