Philosophy of Education in Teaching

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Each Teacher has their own philosophy of education. There is no set-in stone way of thinking, yet everyone impacts how the classroom is run. An educator’s way of thinking characterizes the educational program that is instructed, the manner in which the classroom is dealt with, the way each subject is educated, and how the students are assessed.

Between all of the theories of education, the one that I agree with the most is progressivism. William James and John Dewey are accredited for developing the characteristically American philosophy that is progressivism. The curriculum for progressivism focuses more on the child than the subject matter and the students’ interests and personal growth are important. Students should be able to learn and be active in ways to solve problems by looking back on their own personal experiences.

As we know, society is in constant change so, the school should help the students create their own views of the world so we can make society better for the future than the past. Students should have the chance and opportunity to do everything hands on rather than listening to a teacher lecture all day. Since I hope to one day become an elementary school teacher it is important that the students are not in their chair all day sitting still.

Giving the students the opportunity to go to art museums, history museums, or the zoo, will get them interested in what they are learning and to make the subject more real for them. I believe it is important for the students to be a part of the community and to be a part of the world outside of their homes and the classroom. Having life experience can help the students be able to relate to what they are being taught and what they are learning to the real world. It will make the material more relevant and actually have a meaning.

I believe that a teacher ought to be in a position to become aware of a student’s desires and interests so that the teacher is in a better position to provide an academic environment that builds on those needs. As an educator, I plan to improve lessons that arouse the students’ curiosity and push them to a greater degree of knowledge. I additionally plan to prepare thought-provoking games to invite students to express their interests and thoughts productively. By collaborating in this way, not solely can they express themselves, but they can additionally introduce their thoughts to others who may also develop or share comparable interests.

Secondly, I hope that I will motivate my students to interest one another and to strengthen social virtues, such as cooperation and tolerance for unique points of view or different ideas. I believe that through this non-stop interaction with other students, every child will develop a concept of who he or she is as a person, as well as acquiring valuable understanding for the future. Of course, students’ opinions will vary occasionally. However, I sense that addressing these issues at an early age, every child will analyze from his or her experiences, and the child will be better prepared for problems encountered in life as an adult.

Progressivism definitely reflects on my personality. I am a very “in the moment” person. I like to learn or teach by doing something and being real with people because I am a very down to earth person. This is how I would learn best. I am not going to get the full experience and learning ability out of a lesson by sitting at a desk and reading about it, to understand it completely I would have to be totally involved in the activity that relates to it.

As a future teacher, I consider the reason of education in a democracy is to instruct the people and inform them about the endeavors. As a democracy, we need skilled human beings to vote and choose future positions in our politics. We as a society favor skilled people in the course of the elections to get the satisfactory result that will gain the United States as a whole. We prefer educated people to work future jobs, to take care of the country. As a teacher, I will strive my best to instruct the students to the best of my capacity and to prepare them with anything they may additionally need in their future.

I hope to supply sufficient instructions on necessary matters in the course of the year. I will keep the students on track so they won’t fall behind so they can go on to the following grade easily. As a teacher I will additionally teach classes about creativity, caring, and respect which is also very vital for a child’s education. I will be doing this by educating student the entirety that is part of the curriculum, as nicely as a lesson on creativity and different subjects that are not included by way of the curriculum. I will be in a position to include creativity into all elements of my lessons which will enable the student to have extra practice with creativity.

Students need to experience at ease and equal in the classroom amongst the students and teacher. Students who can thrive in the classroom have less difficult times retaining the data given. The students I will be educating, are surrounded by technology their whole lives and I see that as a challenge. Technology has genuinely modified the structure of the classroom via having way greater information on the tip of their fingers than before. As a teacher, I have to be in a position to challenge the students and enable them to troubleshoot issues themselves without technology simply giving them the answer. Teachers have to supply sufficient information and things to do for students who have unique learning styles.

A teacher ought to provide the students the proper quantity of time and effort that encourages growth and independence. The teacher is a tool for the students to use and alternate for their needs of enlightenment. A way my classroom would be like is the place where there are multiple platforms for the students to analyze which incorporates all learning styles. Rather than solely instructing out of the textbook to test about the lesson, I would have students engage with the lesson.

I plan on following the steps of preceding progressivisms teacher by way of instructing lessons that evolve around real-life experiences and social interactions. I plan on having student-centered lessons that permit the students to think deeply about tough world issues. I hope that I can educate the students enough to prepare them to come to be voices in the crowd, to break the silence, and to trust in themselves.

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