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In the early days dating was less complicated, but now in modern days, the use of technology is affecting the way people date. Technology is now involved in everyone’s life. Now when people are trying to find a new date, they do not go out and seek for someone in at a first sight, now they tend to use dating apps, since it is easier to find the perfect match, either by swiping left or right. There is a company name eHarmony that is involved by helping people find their perfect match easier online.

This company makes people question themselves if it would be possible to help them find the match that they would like to date. There is an example from eHarmony, “For us is not just meeting people, it is about meeting the right person.” eHarmony is trying to make it easier to help people find a partner that matches their wish list. Even though this website promotes finding the correct individual, traditions are being forgotten. Interacting with unknown individuals will be an obstacle by not getting to know the person feeling, beliefs, emotions, and culture the way past generations have dated.

Dating by the year 2038 it will be different from how people date now. People who will end up living in the year 2038 would not follow the same traditions from older generations. In the old generations, couples were more honest, romantic, and willing to sacrifice their time to be with each other. People will take their time to make their partner feel appreciated. However, nowadays is easier to meet people with the use of technology. In the old days, people did not know that technology existed, so they will meet people that were surrounded by them.

Now, dating is complicated, guess because people only want to choose websites to find a person to date easier, But the problem is that sometimes is too dangerous to go out with someone online. Nowadays there is a problem going around the world with people getting kidnapped or stealing their information. These criminals are using a method that people commonly called ‘catfishing’ or spam. Even though we are only in the year 2018 this problem could worsen. As technology increases people willing to harm others too.

In the future, the company eHarmony has a technology that can speed the dating faster and easier. It is called the “Internet of Things; it will provide singles things with live advice on how their date is going.” It also helps people know how their body is reacting to their surroundings but also in that moment the technology will give the person some suggestion on how to react the right way. This app will help couples improve their relationship by resolving their issues or other stuff that they are dealing with.

This technology will specifically change the whole dating process in the future culture of dating. For some people, they will find it easier because they can see in the app how their partner emotions are, how old they are, and personal stuff. This app will tell the whole truth over personal life, so the good thing is that people can not lie because the truth will show up. The downside of this new technology is that people are going to allow the internet to make their decisions for them, for example, if they want a kid or not. This subject should be something couples should talk among each other than having a website deciding for them.

In another thing that eHarmony suggest to people is called “Behaviour-Based Matching.” This program is required for people to wear a device or implant to their body, this device will track people in how they behave, what their routine is every day, and in how their body reacts to activities that they attend to. Also, there is another device that is called “Smart Contact Lenses.” It records in what kind of type of people they see the most every day. This device will notify the person on how attractive they get when they see other people.

With all this information that the device gets from the person routine, it will automatically help them choose their match on who to date with. However, if people use this kind of devices in the future on their bodies, people will find this device easy to use. Knowing that the device can track on every single thing people do every day is amazing. It is like a robot sending some notifications to the person when they found the match to date. But also, when the person finally meets the other person, will they feel that they found each other? Some people will find a poor match when they meet them in person. That is the one problem about the future, in how technology will now run people life without letting them do their own job.

When people start dating online, they will have to know what their main goal is from using eHarmony. This program helps people put in their information of what they expect from a relationship, and what aspects they are trying to find in a person, But after all, sometimes there is no luck because there will be some poor matches. Opening our lives and private information could increase the danger of getting unwished intruders to obtain that information. In many cases, this could increase a worldwide spread of scammers and catfishes that could drastically harm someone in future generations.

Online dating can be fun but risky. Emotions, beliefs, and cultural aspects will not be included on this website. Everything will go just by looks, which in the long run will affect what people think of dating. Technology could be good in many aspects but not for dating. If people were to follow the older generations aspects of dating it could make it much easier for them to find the correct match. eHarmony could be a great opportunity for people seeking friendships, not for dating. Dating is much complicated and someone should take their time taking the decision on who to date based on their demands.

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