Nature vs. Nurture: Key Role of Nurture

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Here may lie one of the oldest debates that can be held. Can one person genes guide him or her to success or failure. Or does it lie with that we are a product of our environment. Which side do you lean towards, what is it that you believe.? For myself I honestly think that nurture plays more of a vital role with our lives.

Nurture on the other hand in my opinion plays a key role of whom we are as people and how we are molded into adults. There are many variables when it comes to the nurture aspect of things; the environmental variables, childhood experiences, how we were raised, social relationships, and surrounding culture. (verywellmind.com). Being a product of one’s environment is not as bad as it may seem. Not referencing to as if you live in a low poverty neighborhood, doesn’t mean that you’ll only be poor.

What I am able to refer that to as any only person whom may have a hard childhood, would want to everything possible to ensure that their children do not have to go through the same things. Example of this may be the way a person disciplines their children, just because they may have received whooping’s with the belt, they may vow to never hit their child. Another prime example would be people whom have grown up in an abusive house hold, would grow up conducting themselves the same way. Also, I do personally believe if a person has to go to the point of blaming their success or failure are due to where they may be from then it’s just a poor attitude.

Yes, I do think that our genetic play a role but it doesn’t help defy us. With the genetics, you’ll be able to know how tall you might be, if whom on your family’s side is balding or who hair is turning gray. Nature most defiantly has a sense of humor when it comes to having hereditary factors. For example, my father didn’t come into my life until I was the age of 16, but years before that my family always said I look and acted just like my father.

What was I supposed to do with that other than to shrug it off? Also, when it comes to people in general we cannot help whom we had come from, from who’s DNA we may possess. For example, you may have two parents that have graduated from college, top of their class and with honors. When they have children and they wouldn’t want to go down the same path as the parents, why would that be. Just because the DNA might match up doesn’t mean the same paths will be followed. I do believe that is where the saying the apple either falls far or close to its tree. (characterlab.org).

In conclusion when it come to nature verses nurture, nurture plays the vital role. Where we come from, how we are raised, our surroundings that we become exposed to make us who we are. If in life I know it’s easier said than done but if someone isn’t happy with their environment then they need to change it. Growing up a certain way will make a person resilient, will make then to never to be satisfied. Nature verses nurture, in my opinion is like comparing knifes to guns.


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