Impact On a Person Of Nature and Nurture

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Scientists and philosophers dispute over whether environmental influences or inherited genes have a greater effect on our development, personality, behavior, ability, and intelligence. Therefore, this controversy is most often acknowledged as the nature versus nurture conflict. Nature is defined through our genes, as nurture defines that human behavior is based on our environmental influences. Though advocates of nature’s influence on human behavior conflict with those focused on nurture, we should see that both work together to make us who we are.

Nature refers to the biological factors in a human. Essentially, it is genetic or hereditary to make up an individual. Some philosophers an scientists see nature as we act the way we do because. the genes in our parents contribute together to create our human behaviors. These are the genes that we are born with that cannot be altered with conditioning. Hsun Tzu states “ A man, no matter how fine his nature or how keen his mind, must seek a worth teacher to study under and good comparisons to associate with.” This statement provides that even if our genes are outstanding, we must still find someone to share information with us so we can be acknowledged of it. We must have someone teach us meanings in life, or show us how to succeed in certain things that way we have a stable reasoning. Ultimately both are important, but genetics may have a higher impact on some people than for people with no known genetic disorders. For example, if someone has a disorder they are more prone to it being caused genetically. However, even then, nurture will play a huge role in how well adjusted, happy and successful that child will be. Hence, nature and nurture still work together to create the person as a whole.

Nurture refers to all environmental variables that impact who we are through our childhood and beyond. Being raised in an environment that is rough, causes us as people to have a challenging mental state. Moreover, having a wonderful environment makes the person less affiliated with experiencing mental hardship. Mencius states “ In good years, young men are mostly fine. In bad years, they’re mostly cruel and violent. It isn’t that Heaven endows them with such different capacities, only that their hearts are mired in such different situations.” This quote smoothly explains the reason of how we act is defined by how we are treated yearly. Humans can go through live accomplishing goals and being successful but one hardship could happen and it could make everything go downhill.

Due to the hardship, it could cause a drastic change in a personals lifestyle and affect their mental state. The difference between nature and nurture is that people who depend on nature believe we are who we are because of our genes, yet our way of life cannot technically be defined by our DNA. The way we interpret things in life is depended on how we were raised as a child. Also, the way we present ourselves can be predicted by who is around us and the way they act. Due to if our childhood was rough, perfect or educational depends on how our parents provided it for us. Some people who are well off doesn’t mean its genetically, they could have just learned to be environmentally stable In addition, our environmental influences are what determines the way we feel and act in different situations

Nature and Nurture both play a role when it involves certain conditions. Sam Kean states “The more that I looked at DNA, the more I realized it was nature and nurture. It’s how genes and your environment work together to produce the person you are.” Although some may side with one over the other, they both can have an impact on the way we act as humans. Therefore, our genes can affect us but also the way we are raised can determine us as well. Meanwhile, if we are genetically disabled this can change the ways we are and feel. Also, the way we are raised and seen by other people because of the genetic condition can control the way we feel and act emotionally as well. Therefore, nature and nurture can create a person and the way their feelings react to things.

In spite of all concepts regarding nature and nurture, it can be argued either way. Society will always have a never-ending debate on the way they feel individually on this concept Yet, nature’s influence on human behavior conflict with those focused on nurture. One can neither neglect the effect to biological factors one has on them nor disprove the behaviors that are affected by the environment we are living in. Therefore, both nature, as well as nurture, have an equal effect on determining human behavior.

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How does nature affect who we are?
Nature has a profound impact on shaping our personality, behavior, and overall well-being. Exposure to natural environments can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and promote physical and mental health.
How does nurture affect who we are?
Nurture affects who we are in that it helps to shape our personalities and mold our behavior. Our experiences growing up play a big role in who we become as adults.
What is the impact that nature and nurture have on an individual?
Nature has a huge impact on who we are. It determines our physical traits and our mental abilities. Nurture also plays a role in who we are, but it is not as great as nature. Nurture includes things like our environment and our experiences.
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