Nature Versus Nurture Debate

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It is safe to safe a Conversations about human development must include both genetics and environment, Yes, the nature versus nurture debate. It is believed that nature is defined by a person’s hereditary therefore genetic development and nurture is believed to have a great influence on human development through environmental stimuli. The question is how can a family of multiple siblings be so similar and still so different? Can human development be studied by researching nature as opposed to nurture or vise versa? I say they are interconnected and coexist in human development. Genetics determines physical characteristics, color of eyes, color of skin, texture of hair but does it also determine psychological characteristics as well? Or does the environment influence behavioral tendencies, mental ability and personality attributes.

In my family I have raised six children who share the same DNA I am always amazed of how completely different they all are. Same parents, same schools, same household and yet different personalities. I see a lot of common traits, morals, and values, but at the same time they all differ in so many areas. The oldest is always composed, logical and introspective; the others exhibit personalities from outwardly emotional, creative to very reactive. I have always question if it has more to do with family placement as opposed to internal wiring, because they were all very close growing up and shared a lot of the same experiences. However, their reactions to these events differed greatly. Why will one sibling accept and follow instructions and direction and another fight them back and make excuses. Is it the nature of the individual to accept consequences and rules or is it learned behavior and nurture dictates reactions?

I question if there is a behavioral gene and can nature be solely responsible for personality development? In the case of Fraternal twins, one will be inclined to answer yes, there must be because there is much research proving that when fraternal twins are raised apart, they have similarities in behavior as they would were they raised together, However the same researchers remark that the same twins who exhibit many similarities are also remarkable different due to environmental influences.

I believe that most people agree that neither genetics nor environment act independently of one another and because they are dependent on each other and are interconnect it will be illogical to attempt to think of them separately.

It is safe to say the it is a complex relationship between genetic coding and environmental influences, which leaves us to grapple with the question of nature versus nurture and begs us to find an answer to the question, Are we born this way or do behave based on our life experiences?

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