Language: Nature or Nurture Argumentative Essay

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Language is a tool for human to communicate to other human. It could be spoken or written. Nature language is a language that comes from our gene (biological), innate and nativist. Nurture language is a language that comes from environmental factors or stimuli, learned and empiricist.

Speaking about language, there are two opposite opinion about weather first language is nature or nurture and there are a question about is imitating is learning or not. What everyone agreed is that first language is language that we know from our first environment that is our parents. But there are pro and contra when it is comes to nature or nurture because some of people agreed that first language is just from nature, some are said that first language is comes from nurture, and some stated that it is come from nature and nurture. And about imitating is learning or not, I will answer it after I explain about language is nature or nurture first.

In my own opinion, first language is both; it comes from nature and nurture. There are some reason why I thought and bravely said that first language is not comes from nature or nurture but both. I will explain it in simpler way. For me language come from both are because, from baby, it already understand the language even in mother belly, the baby respond what parents said by kick its mother belly sometimes. Next, after they were born, they understand their parents but the baby cannot reply yet as they are still a baby. Thought they show us respond by their expression, they smile and cry. Then after some times past, the kid growth and now can says simple word without know the meaning. As the age added, they now teach by their parent how to say good word and avoid bad word. They learn the language from their parents or their grandparents and families. When the kid began to go to school, they now practice the language more widely with friend and learn many words more.

Furthermore, imitating is learning or not? Imitating is learning. Robin Allot in his written said that the role and functioning of imitation in language and speech are subjects of study in many different disciplines, not only linguistics proper but also child development, neurology, evolutionary theory, social psychology. In my opinion, it is learning because we watch other and learned how to do it in our mind then began to apply it to ourselves.

So for me, they are no wrong and right if there are someone who asked me, which one is the truth, first language is nature or nurture. The nature and nurture are complements each other by time. The nature comes first then the nurture comes next, both are working together for first language. Imitating is also has the role in language developing because from an early age infant can copy their parent expression and by five or six month the baby now start to imitate the parents vocal interaction. Thus, language and imitating are closely relate to each other.


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