Natural Disasters and How We Can Help

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Natural disasters are a part of our lives and there is no way that we can avoid them. As we speak, hurricane sandy will be terrorizing the coasts of America causing millions in damages and causing heartbreak for those affected. Natural disasters affect our daily lives in several ways. They effectively stop the economy of the local area. They cause tons of damage which will cost the economy millions of dollars. They can hurt or kill the workforce of the area. Money will be spent on relief by charities for the improvement of the area. These are many things that natural disasters can affect and there are numerous types of natural disasters. Some of the most treacherous and expensive natural disasters is flooding.

This is because flooding can affect a very large area, and it can be cause by three other natural disasters being: Hurricanes, and Tsunamis, and body of water flooding. The water of these floods will spread debris and will deteriorate the environment with its overwhelming force. These floods can devastate and economy by destroying the infrastructure, destroying businesses, and killing the economy’s workforce. There are steps however being taken to combat natural disasters so they will not have as horrific of an effect on the economy and the landscape.If aid is supposed to rebuild the area, then shouldn’t it repair every aspect of it? The aid that people have been giving to affected areas as not been able to help bring the areas economy back onto its feet. There are several ideas being put on the table as for what aid to give, but since all ideas are not created equal, there are some ideas that will work and some that will not work.

Natural disaster have cost the world billions of dollars over its history. The economic records from all of these events have been documented and published for the world to see. Countries have thought that they were prepared for some of these events have been shown that they were wrong by the devastating power of the disaster. In japan, they are probably one of the best prepared countries in the world for earthquakes with specially formulated infrastructure built to withstand them. But, they were not prepared for the flooding that was to ensue after the 2011 tsunami. For and unprepared country, there are several sections of the economy that will take big hits from natural disasters. First off, the infrastructure of the economy can be largely affected by disasters, which includes the destruction of houses, buildings, and roads. The destruction of infrastructure greatly affects the flow of goods with the destruction of methods of travel. Roads, railroads, and airports can all be affected and they will greatly hurt the economy of the area.

Next, is the disruption of business being made. When a natural disaster occurs the focus of the area will go to the payment and repair for the area. This will greatly affect business because instead of doing business, they are working on the area. Also, natural disasters bring mass unemployment with the destrucution of office buildings. In places where significant portions of the country are decimated by disasters, governments are often left with little recourse; with a fraction of their former tax revenue coming in and deteriorated sovereign creditworthiness, foreign aid becomes an absolute necessity.

The first step for the relief of a natural disaster is the anticipation of them happening. The local area has to be ready for one to happen and there are several steps that they can take. Anticipation is critical because in 2010, according to a global insurance study, natural disasters caused 194 billion dollars in damages. (Groenfeldt, p.2)

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