My Intrest to Industrial / Organizational Psychology

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Psychology is a science that studies the human mind and behavior. There are many sub-fields in psychology; some of those sub-fields are experimental psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and industrial/organizational psychology. Industrial/ Organizational psychology (also called I/O psychology) focuses on the scientific study of human behavior in different organizations and even in their workplaces (American Psychological Association [APA], 2018). I/O psychologists apply ethical principles of psychology to address work-related problems and enhance the efficiency of the lives of most individuals. Industrial /Organizational psychologist spend most of their time working on statistics; this sub-field of psychology relies most of the times on numbers.

I am interested in the field of Industrial/Organizational psychology because I have been curious about this career for the past few months. This profession amuses me because I consider that in any workplace, all employees must be motivated, well-trained, and engaged. I believe that the workplace must be a place where we need to feel fulfilled, unquestionably this career can grant me all the understanding and principles needed to be successful. I/O psychologists can also guide businesses in the recruitment process. Initially, they study the corporation’s practice procedures and their desired concepts and can generate interview questions that can assist executives in recognizing their most reliable applicants. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and loved the class I took in, which I learned about Organization Psychology. I spent considerable time wondering how a person’s job can influence their life and their daily state of mind.

My dream is to become a thriving industrial psychologist someday. Since I was in High School, I always knew I wanted to study psychology. I appreciate the fact that, within psychology, you can comprehend how to explore the emotions, behaviors, and perceptions of humans, and understand how to serve them. I began to learn about Industrial / Organizational Psychology in my college years. That triggered my passion since it is a discipline which relates psychology to the work environment. I loved the concept of starting a profession that can educate me on how and when to support a group of people and organizations to create their jobs more productive.

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