My Childhood Home Creative Essay

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Childhood, is a pleasurable time in which our life is innocent. Childhood, is the most beautiful and wonderful moment in our life. The house, which gave me the ineffaceable, beautiful and vivid memories of my memory, was an amazing place that made my childhood more joyful than ever. Sometimes how I wish I could go back to that time because everything seemed so simple and I had a carefree life. But time waits for no man, I felt bittersweet knowing that I could not return to the past anymore. Although I cannot turn back the wonderful time anymore, but there is a place that I can count on to take me back to that nostalgic moment, and that is my grandparent’s home.

My grandparent’s home was very old. It was a light blue house that always gives me a soothing and peaceful feel and the paint on most of the walls in the exterior of the house was chipped away. The house is located in the village, surrounding by lots of green vegetation that gives me a fresh smell of nature that makes me feel calm whenever I step out of the door. My grandparents would keep a number of chickens in the cage at the back of the yard that they owned, I remember that the energetic me would run here and there chasing chickens when my grandmother released them. Sometimes I would also crouch in front of the cage to look at the baby chickens, give each of them a name and talk to them, it would sound silly to other people but I had so much fun back then. The yard was very big and wide that felt like a football field when I was a child, that felt like I am as free as the birds in the sky.

At the corner of the staircase, there was a vintage phone and a phone book that made the curious me spent a lot of time flipping through the phone book. Sometimes I would make a prank call to my parents by using the old phone just because I loved the sound when pressing the buttons on the phone. There was a notebook that my grandparents placed on the small table at the corner of the staircase, I would always sit there and draw or write random stuff and give it to my grandparents. I always liked to go up and down at the stairs, when my grandmother was sitting on the sofa opposite to the stairs sewing shirts, I would always peek down and play with her. The staircase was one of my favourite places in the house, not only it made me feel safe when sitting at the corner, but it also gave me many wonderful memories too.

In the living room, my grandfather placed an exercise bike beside the sofa to let us to exercise while watching television. It was embarrassing thinking back to that time when I wanted to go on the bike to cycle but I was too short to do so, so my father would always carry me and put me on the bike. My short legs could not reach the paddle but I would always imagine myself as a cyclist, holding the handle and make weird face expressions. I loved to be on the bike because I always brought laughter to my family members because of my expressions. The smile of their faces made me feel pleased and happy.

My grandparents moved out to another village many years later, I could not bear the thought of leaving the place that I used to spend when I was younger. I still remember the nostalgic feeling whenever I pass by their house, could not deny that I missed it so much. How I wish that I had a time machine to put me back to that moment so that I can feel it one more time.

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How do I find my childhood home?
Use Google Earth to view your childhood home now Go to the site, enter an address, and watch yourself “fly” to that address. If you don't know an exact address but you know where to look, enter a street name or even a city. Then zoom in to the neighborhood and street section of interest.
Is it weird to go to your childhood home?
No, it's not weird to go to your childhood home. It can actually be quite nostalgic and comforting.
Why do I miss my childhood house so much?
I think I miss my childhood house so much because it was a time when things were simpler and I had less responsibility. It's also a place where I have a lot of happy memories.
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