My Business Plan of “Get Food”

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The main idea of my business plan is that to launch an application or website through which people can go to multiple restaurants at one time to order the food of their choice.


The name of my business plan is “GET FOOD”. In this business people can order food for themselves and also for their loves ones by using our application on their fingers tips. For which we have partnered with multiple restaurants and making there menu localized to every people. In this we are also providing services to those restaurants which are not having their own delivery service.

Mission Statement

Our company main mission is to provide all type of cuisines on fingertips by gathering the entire restaurant from different location at one place. By which we can make our customer satisfy as well as our partner restaurant. And allow our customer to relax and have fun with their friends while their food is just few clicks away.

Vision Statement

Our company vision is to provide timely food delivery to our customer who are trusting on us for their food. And to gain and keep their trust on us we will provide them by discount codes and vouchers by which they can get discounts on their favorite meal from their favorite’s restaurant. By which we are able to get a network of customers and suppliers and create enduring values by which we can maximize long-term returns to share owners being mindful of our, over all responsibilities for which we have to highly effective, lean and fast moving organization.


The purpose of setting objectives is to convert mission and vision into specific performance targets. Well stated objectives are specific, quantifiable or measurable and contain a dead line for the achievement. And by challenging these objectives we can stretch an organization to perform at its full potential.

  • To provide access to see the entire restaurant’s menu.
  • To provide hot and fresh food the customers on time.
  • To provide better resolution to the customer when the order of their favorite meal is delay.
  • Consistently getting new and improved products to market ahead of rivals.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis provide the basis for crafting a strategy that capitalize on the company’s resource strengths, overcome its resource weakness, aim squarely at capturing the company’s best opportunities, and defend against the threats to its future well-being.


  • Enabling the popular food hawkers and restaurants to reach out to customers without having to visit the physical location.
  • Offer conveniences for their customers to place order including the pre-order option.
  • Can make payment through online payment mode.
  • Wide range of restaurants.
  • Customer can easily leave or obtain reviews on local vendors.


  • Order can be placed on the restaurant only which are located in your area.
  • Has not covered most of the area.
  • Lack of attention to customer needs.
  • Weak brand image or reputation.


  • Amazing and attractive discounted deals.
  • Venturing into new market.
  • Introducing more items on menu.
  • Online sale via the internet.
  • Expanding the company’s product line to meet a broader range of new customers.


  • Uncertainty of the country.
  • Increasing potential competitors.
  • An adverse demographic change that threatens to curtail demand for the industry’s product.
  • Increasing intensity of competitions among industry rivals-may squeeze profit margins.
  • Slowdowns in market growth.

Macro and Micro Environment Factors

Macro Environment

Every company operates in a larger environment that goes well beyond just the industry in which they operate and it includes seven principles components that are:

  • Demographics by this we can identify the size, growth rate and age distribution of different sectors of the population. Because it has large implications for industries such as health care, where costs and service needs vary with demographics factors.
  • Social Forces by this we can identify the societal values, attitudes, cultural factors and life style that impact the business. Because they are vary by locale and change over time.
  • Political, Legal and Regulatory factor are the factors that include political policies and processes, as well as the regulation and laws with which companies must comply. Examples include labour laws, antitrust laws, tax policy, regulatory policies, the political climate and the strength of institution such as the court system.
  • Neutral Environment includes ecological and environmental forces such as weather, climate, climatic change, and associated factors like water shortage. By these factors industries can be impact directly.
  • Technological factors it include the technological changes and the development that have potential for wide-ranging effects on society, such as genetic engineering, the rider of internet and changes in communication technologies.
  • Global Forces it include conditions and changes in global market, including the political events and policies toward the international trades. They influence the degree of international trade and investment through such mechanism such as trade barriers.
  • General Economic Condition it include the economic factor at the local, state, national or international level that affect the firm and industries. It include the rate of economic growth, unemployment rate, inflation rate and interest rate.

Micro Environment

It refers to the internal environment of the company. It includes all the department of the company such as management, marketing, research and development and finance department. And each of these departments has its main characteristics in the organization. By maintaining all these department of the organization equally balanced we can make our organization successful in market and will be able to gain place in market. And making assure that the product which customer ordered will be delivered to them at time quoted to them in order to maintain the strong customer relationship.

Porter Five Forces

  1. Competitive Rivalry by this force we can examine the competition currently in the market place. This is determined by the number of competitive and what each can do.
  2. Buyer by this force we can measure the power of the buyer with the increase and decrease in demand of the product.
  3. Seller by this force we can measure the power of supplier in market at which price they are supplying their goods to the industry.
  4. New Entrants by this force we can measure the number of new entries in market after which we can decide that at which place we are in market.
  5. Substitute by this force we can measure that how many organization are in market that are providing the substitute. By which we can make changes in our product to make it stable in the market.

Financial Model

We have done a detail inquiry regarding the cost of our project i.e. Get food a mobile application if go for an initial level Freelancer for application formation they will charge 50K to 80K PKR or maybe free, If go for an Experienced Freelancer they will charge around One hundred thousand plus but not more than Two hundred thousand and the option we have to go for a software house who charge us around .5 million to .6 million .But we have decided that to avoid after issues we will move towards a Software House for instance Multi Net Pvt LTD, Web zone and AWX software house. AWX software house would be great because one of our group mates worked with them and he know few software engineers. Therefore our total costs of project are as follows

  • Software Formation form AWX software house 600000
  • Laptops (20000*5) 100000
  • Tablets ( 5000*10) 50000
  • Bikes (15000*10) 150000
  • Office Supplies 10000
  • Office Furniture 80000
  • Blue Host (Admin Server) (10000 per annum) 10000
  • Others 100000
  • Total Estimated cost 1100000

10 Year Market Plan

To make our business in market place step ahead we have to review our existing business plane and reformulate them according the time frame we have to cover. By this strategy we will be able to know that how far we are from our market rivals and how much time we need to compete them. And by making timely changes in our organization and by maintaining the progress in department we will be able to change the place of our organization is marketplace.

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