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Impact of Poor Hygiene in Food Preparation at Food Stall

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Impact of Poor Hygiene in Food Preparation at Food Stall essay
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Hygiene is very important to our personal subject and encourage the change in hygiene requires skill and full of care. The bad impact of poor personal hygiene commonly affect the people who taken the food produce by the food that poor of hygiene is diarrhoea. Recent study showed that poor personal hygiene practices play a major role in the increment of communicable disease burden in developing countries. Regard this effect; we want to do an observation on how people care about their hygiene especially from the restaurant or food stall. We surveyed the knowledge and attitude of people towards the place that they went to eat. A total of 60 person respondents were interviewed in the survey. As the result majority of people know what is hygiene and the consequence of the poor hygiene. In the questions awareness about the hygiene by the food handler, majority of the respondents know that the worker of the food stall do not care about the hygiene when handling the food. Furthermore, they also know the consequence of the poor hygiene can cause diarrhoea. Finally, all the respondents confirmed their awareness of the importance of food hygiene and indicated the condition of stall or related statements as the most influential.


Assalamualaikum. In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful, first and foremost. We would like to extend my deepest praise to Allah S. W. T who has given me the patient, strength, determination and courage to implement this task. This project is a collaborative effort of many people. To begin with, my utmost thanks and gratitude goes to my lecturer Dr Halipah Hamzah for imparting me with her wealth of knowledge, valuable guidance and experience. Our appreciation and thanks is also dedicated to friends for their helpful insights, cooperation and stimulating comments. I would also like to express my apology for any mistake and shortcoming in carrying out this task. To end with, I am truly delighted, for this assignment would bring benefits to others. Wassalam.


Food preparation is about process the staffs that handle the material of food in kitchen to become the product that will consume at the customer. So that, food preparation is something important to the food stall because from the food preparation the product will be good or not. Besides that, food preparation is the first to care about the process; the process must be in good hygiene.

Furthermore, if the handler of food preparation careless about the hygiene it will affect to the stall also to the customer. The customer will get the food poisonous and food stall will get ruin their business.
In addition, the hygiene is important to the food stall to be cleanliness in the stall, so that the customer will come and comfortable to eat at there. It different when the hygiene is poor, the customer will afraid to come and not comfortable.

Hygiene is related to the cleanliness, health, and medicine. Hygiene is a process how to prevent the disease from approach to us. The disease is come from the bacteria or the virus; the poor hygiene will give the bacteria and virus spread with actively.

The hygiene also is a practice that we should do every time, it is because with practicing the good hygiene the bacteria and virus will difficult to spread and the person will safe from the bacteria and virus. Hygiene practices vary, and what is considered acceptable in one culture might not be acceptable in another.

Hygiene in food preparation is process where the food handle must wash the raw material very careful, then wash the raw material follow the rule that given, the tool must in good hygiene, place of food stall must clean, the food handle must be cleanliness and looking smart. So that, in the manufacturing of food good hygiene is a critical component of quality assurance.

The hygiene also important to ourselves to prevent from the bacteria that will give disease to us. Then, in the social culture, government, NGO, and KKM have always reminded us to care about the hygiene in our routine, like wash our hand in 5 times a day. Then, we also must do our responsible to care about the hygiene in our surrounding, where it has poor hygiene we must report to the authority.

In religious also give the learning about the hygiene and cleanliness in personal and food. It is compulsory that the person who belief in religion to follow the law that given from religion. So that, as a Muslim must care about their hygiene and cleanliness, for example like wash hand, wash cloth, and for the food industry how to handle the food stock, food preparation, environment food stall and hygiene of staff. Besides that, the hygiene is also amongst of term to get the certificate of HALAL.

Then, in our research will explain about the concept of hygiene and. After that, about the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall towards customer and to examine whether customer care about the hygiene of the food stall.

Problem Statement

Food preparation is important in food industry to prepare the food to give the customer. But food preparation must follow the rule that given from public health, it is always having a good hygiene at food stall. For the information some of food stall does not follow the rule and have a poor hygiene during the food preparation. Lack of knowledge of food safety and due diligence during preparation, processing, and storage of food can be considered a violation of food safety.

The cleanliness of the food stall in Malaysia has always received the attention of the authorities for example according to the news Friday, 18 Jan 2019 11:30 PM MYT, Malay mail stated that the inspection carried out found that the restaurant owner ignored the level of hygiene at the premises, especially in terms of food preparation and storage. Appliances used for cooking were dirty, toilet cleanliness was less satisfactory and the workers did not get the (anti-typhoid) injections. Regards with the news we know that people who handling with food is not taken seriously in hygiene issue. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify the important hygiene, the impact of poor hygiene, the solution to prevent the poor hygiene in preparation at food stall.

Objective of the Study

  1. To study the concept of hygiene.
  2. To study the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall towards customer.
  3. To examine whether customer care about the hygiene of the food stall.

Literature Review

To apply the certificate of HALAL the food industry must follow the rule. Amongst of the rule is about the hygiene, for the information hygiene is important to us to prevent the disease approach us. So that, we can live in healthy and happy. The purpose we do this research is about how the impact poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall towards customer. The customer is victim of their careless in their food preparation, so we want to know are the customer is care about the hygiene in food stall or not. In our objective we study about the concept of hygiene, the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall towards customer and to examine whether customer care about the hygiene of the food stall.

  • To study the concept of hygiene

Hygiene is about the practice and process how do we care the cleanliness of environment and personal. Then, hygiene is important to us know how to care the hygiene. For example, to the personal we must cut our nailed, wash our body, and looking smart. Furthermore, in food industry hygiene is most important because when the food industry have poor hygiene it will affect to the perception of customer towards food stall.

  • To study the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall towards customer

The poor hygiene in food preparation will affect to the customer, the customer will get the food poisonous and the customer will report to the authority. So, it will ruin their business. Then, there are have a relationship between the poor hygiene and customer.

  • To examine whether customer care about the hygiene of the food stall

Some of customer really care about the hygiene but there are also have a little customer just do not care about the hygiene. For those does not care will comfortable for the situation of poor hygiene. It is different from customer really care about the hygiene, they will report a to the owner stall and to the authority.


This study using the survey questionnaire, the most common data collection method which is to study the impact poor hygiene in food preparation at food stalls towards customer in Malaysia. The target population for this study consists of all people. The respondents of the survey mostly from female.

We spread randomly through social media like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and telegram. The result of the respondents is 60 persons. We used the Google survey to create the questionnaire and to identify the result. The system in the Google the result show by using pie chart and bar chart. Then using the percentage to measure the feedback of the respondents and to answer the objective


Respondent Profile:

Gender 60 respondents

The survey was conducted in the age range of 20 to 35 years and 60 persons have filled up this survey on the the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall. The study shows that 68.30% of respondents are female and 31.70% are male. This shows the majority respondents which fill up this survey is female.

Age 60 respondents

The survey was conducted in the age range of 20 to 35 years and 60 respondents have filled in this survey on the the impact of poor hygiene in food preparation at food stall. This study shows that out of 60 respondents, 81.70% are between 20-25 years old , 11.70% are between 26-30 year old and 6.60% are between 31-35 years old. Majority the respondents are between 20-25 years old that filled in this survey.

Question 1: Have you know what is food hygiene? 60 respondents

According to this survey that have been filled in from 60 respondents, there are 85.00% of respondents are answered ‘Yes’, 5.00% of respondents are answered ‘No’ and 10.00% of respondents are answered ‘Maybe’ for the question 1. From this question 1, there are majority the respondents know what is food hygiene but there a few respondents did not know what is food hygiene.

Question 2: Have you been to food stall? 60 respondents

Based on the survey that filled in by 60 respondents, there are 93.30% of respondents have been to food stall and there are 6.70% of respondents did not go to the food stall. From this question 2, this study show that majority of the respondents go to the food stall.

Question 3 : How frequent you went or buy food at food stall? 59 respondents

According to this survey that have been filled in from 60 respondents and 1 of the respondents did not answers this question. There are 35.60% of respondents are went or buy food at stall for once a week , there are 27.00% of respondents are went or buy food at stall for twice a week and there are 37.30% of respondents are went or buy food at stall more than twice in week. This study shows that the majority of respondents are preferred buy a food at stall more than twice.

Question 4 : Have you been to dirty food stall? 58 responses

According to the survey that we conduct, we get 58 responses for this question. There are 48.30% from the responses choose YES that they had been went to dirty food stall meanwhile 51.70% choose NO. This result shows that some people still went to the food stall that neglect or ignore the hygiene of the food.
Awareness of this issue still low among the respondent. It is proved by the survey that we conduct, The different total between respondent that choose Yes and No only 3.4%. Based on the article by Astro Awani on July 6th, 2018, people tend to choose to eat at the food stall that offer delicious and cheap food despite they know that the stall is dirty and the hygience when prepare the food is not cared by the owner or workers.
In this situation, people will tend to get sick like diarrhea, vomiting or fever because the percentage for them to get food poisoning is high. The awareness needs to be nurtured from young to make sure that we are able to discern what is good for our health.

Question 5: Have you seen the owner or worker of the food stall do not care about the hygiene when handling the food? 60 responses

For this question we got 60 responses from the respondent. 76.70% of them chose YES that they had seen the owner of the worker of the food stall do not care about the hygiene when handling the food meanwhile 23.30% of them chose NO. This data shows that there are many owner of the food stalls still neglect the hygiene during prepare the food. This kind of behaviour are not suppose to happen because they must maintaining the hygiene for consumers who deserve to get clean and good quality of food. As we know halal food is not just a something that muslim people cannot eat like pork but hygieness is a part of it.

Question 6: Have you encounter with food poisoning after ate food from the food stall? 60 Responses

This question are responded by all the respondent. 46.70% of them had experience food poisoning after ate from the food stall meanwhile 53.30% never experience food poisoning from the foos stall. This data shows that some of the food stall still do not take care of the hygiene and cleanliness while preparing their food. It is proven by some of the respondent still had food poisoning after eating at the food stall.

This situation might not be happen if the food stall concern about the hygiene while preparing the foods. The consumer also must take precaution. If they feels like the stall that they went is not handling their food properly so do not eat their food. They must be aware of this situation for their own benefits.

Question 7 :What symptoms of food poisoning you have experienced? 54 Responses

From the 60 responses, there are only 54 responses for this question. Diarrhea recorded the highest case, which is 59.30%. Meanwhile, vomiting and nausea is 48.10% and 16.70% case recorded. 14.80% of the respondent experienced all the symptom.

This data shows that we cannot deny that if the food stall did not care about the hygiene while preparing the food then it will give effect toward the consumers. According to the infokesihatanmapcontest.blogspot.com . food poisoning can cause death if not be treated early. This statement shows that ignoring food hygiene can cause serious problems.

Question 8: Before eating at the diner, did you care about the hygiene aspect of the food stalls? 59 Responses

This question get 59 responses from 60. Majority of the respondent chose YES for this question which is 98.30% meanwhile only 1.70% chose NO. This data shows that people still care about the hygiene at the food stall. The awareness like this is important to prevent the impact of the poor hygiene from the food stall to the consumers.
The food stall owner must take a good care of hygiene in order to get customer. Offering a cheap and delicious food is not enough if the hygiene not well taken care of.

Question 9 : If the food stall does not comply with cleanliness standards set by the authorities, will you report it to authorities? 60 Responses

Based on the survey, only 53.30% respondent chose YES meanwhile 43.30% chose NO and 3.40% chose MAYBE.
Every food stall must follow the rules that already set up by the authorities, the rules is not only about the license to do business but they also must follow the standard of hygiene that already authorized by the Health Ministry. The customers have the right to get a good and clean food. If they feel that the stall does not comply the cleanliness standard by the authorities they have right to make a report to the authorities.


In a nutshell, poor hygiene during prepare the food at the food stall is not a good action by the owners. It will effect towards their customer that can face food poisoning and sometimes it can cause death. Halal food is not only food that muslim cannot eat but it is also include the hygience and the cleanliness while preparing the food. As a muslim, we must find halal source income so all the owner of the food stall must take care of the food well in order to deliver a good food towards their customer. Customer pay the food and the seller must make sure that all the food that they sell is in good condition and clean.

Impact of Poor Hygiene in Food Preparation at Food Stall essay

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