Most Memorable High School Experience

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Throughout life I have experienced many memorable events. Some of them stand out as being great and some of them not so great. Nevertheless, the memories have become accomplishments which I will always remember. The memory that really stands out for me is completing high school. This moment was unforgettable because it signified the end of four years of hard work, the start of a new era, and the beginning of becoming an adult.

First, completing high school was memorable to me because it signified the end of four years of hard work. As I look back, I can remember the first day I entered Gardendale High School as a freshman. The school was huge; there were lots of new faces, and lots of uncertainty about how I would survive the next four years. At this point I wondered if my senior year would ever come. The aggravation first began when I could not find my classes. My scheduled classes started on third floor; then to first floor; then gym, and back up to third floor.

I realized that I could definitely lose weight at this rate. Next, the classrooms were packed with strangers; of whom I barely recognized as old friends. With each year there were new expectations. As my four years of high-school passed by, I now anticipated graduation. However, never did I think that this time would approach so fast. I was finally leaving high-school. Suddenly it became one of the most exciting, yet nerve wrecking days of my life. The feeling of what my plans would be after high-school became all too real.

Secondly, completing high school was memorable because it signified the start of a new era. With high-school behind me it was now time to journey into unchartered territory. I was now putting the days of attending school for seven hours a day; no passes out of class; read chapter six and answer the questions; five minutes to class, and nine-weeks report cards behind me. I was on to bigger and better things now. I would soon be starting college for the first time. I looked forward to this great accomplishment. It would allow me to meet new friends, expand my knowledge, and be treated as an adult by my professors. I knew that crossing new territory would be frightening. I didn’t know quite what to expect. I knew that the work would be more difficult, the teachers much harder to please, and the many long hours that I would have to put in studying. I was not sure how I would endure college, or if I would even finish. However, I knew that if I didn’t survive college, my dream job would be at jeopardy.

Finally, completing high school was memorable because it was the beginning of becoming an adult. Some people may think that there is no clear contributing factor for determining when a person becomes an adult. Maybe it’s when they turn eighteen, or maybe when they get their driver’s license. However, I feel that you enter adulthood when you graduate from high school. Becoming an adult means achieving a separate identity; it also entails a lot of responsibilities and expectations as well. Life after high school, as an adult, allows me the freedom to pursue my dreams. It also gives me the opportunity to gain employment as a computer network technician, become financially stable, and better prepared to have a great life.

There are many things that are memorable in my life. Memorable things like celebrating the end of four years of high school, beginning a new era in my life, and most importantly, becoming an adult. These memories are milestones that I will forever remember as I continue my journey through life.

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