High School Experience

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Most Memorable High School Experience

Throughout life I have experienced many memorable events. Some of them stand out as being great and some of them not so great. Nevertheless, the memories have become accomplishments which I will always remember. The memory that really stands out for me is completing high school. This moment was unforgettable because it signified the end…

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Personal Experiences

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Happy Time in High School

Has anyone ever told you that high school is fun? Well …they couldn’t be more right. It’s such a fun packed year of relaxation with completely no homework whatsoever. Starting from the first day, old strangers are up in your face trying to get to know you but they’ll forget who you are by the…

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How High School Experience Affect Students

From the moment you are born, everything you see and do shapes the way you are from that time forward. Being in school shapes you the most as you’re there the majority of your teen life. Imagine if you were forced to take just core classes like math or science without the choice of being…

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