Michel and The Newspaper/Patricia and The Novel

Updated May 2, 2022

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Michel and The Newspaper/Patricia and The Novel essay

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Michel prefers to read reports of events as soon as they occur, Patricia prefers novels. During the film, newspapers and novels represent their personalities, the differences between the two foreshadows their incompatibility. She reads the novels and remembers key information where as Michel would forget the stories that he told her when asked about them the next day

“New Wave filmmakers experimented with form and content in an attempt to renew both film production and product at a time when studio system economics and hierarchies dominated French film practice…” (Hilliker 1) The filmmakers are commended for their works due to empowering a movement in bringing a new perspective to the typical ‘boy meets girl’ films. Jean-Luc Godard challenges these social norms by having the male protagonist take on characteristics of a ‘gangster’, for example, by consistently committing crimes and having a cigarette in his mouth. The French New Wave Movement stays close to the heart of film studies in the American market.

Michel has a fascination with newspapers, In the movie it shows a close-up of numerous newspapers like, Paris Flirt, and New York Herald Tribune. It goes along with his Personal image of himself. He reads the newspaper to shield himself from people. It allows him to shield his face. He often has a newspaper with him because his subconscious feels lost without it. Michel also has a thing for horoscopes, It again goes with his subconscious and dictates what he does. He Reads the newspapers to stay up to date with the Cop killing investigation. He also would tell/read stories or articles from the newspaper to Patricia. Michel reads the newspaper to stay up to date in information.

Patricia is always carrying a book, this is her personal image. She is a aspiring journalist/writer which would explain her love of books. Because she prefers novels she is not always up to date in truth, and this leads to her not possibly recognizing Michel. She reads the novels and remembers key information where as michel would forget the stories that he told her when asked about them the next day. Patricia reads novels to escape the real world and learn more about writing.

The theme of death is presented through the use of foreshadowing. Aging is a cause of death, which ties into the aspect of time. ‘Breathless’ can be seen as a metaphor

The edits in this film broke continuity rules using jump cuts. Scenery behind Patricia changes even though the dialogue has a continual flow. Gives illusion that characters were talking for a long time. It cut inside his scenes and shots. First cut was 2 ½ hours, needed to be 90 minutes. It was filmed like a documentary style film. A handheld camera and minimum lighting were used.

Michel and The Newspaper/Patricia and The Novel essay

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