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The Political Push Against Opium

In 1879, the Reno Evening Gazette condemned the Chinese habit of smoking opium. Like numerous articles before in many Western newspapers, the Gazette’s journalist decreed the habit to be a ‘foul cancer’ and a ‘loathsome moral leprosy” (Ahmad, 2003). Along with his press corps colleagues the Reno reporter took it upon himself to become a…




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Michel and The Newspaper/Patricia and The Novel

Michel prefers to read reports of events as soon as they occur, Patricia prefers novels. During the film, newspapers and novels represent their personalities, the differences between the two foreshadows their incompatibility. She reads the novels and remembers key information where as Michel would forget the stories that he told her when asked about them…




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What Are Editorials

As a captivating genre, newspapers editorials pose articulated viewpoints at a given time in history in no more than 700 words each. Usually unsigned and without the use of the personal pronoun “I” or jargon, they represent a newspaper’s opinion on a current, burning issue and manifest the standpoints of the editorial board which is,…




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Development of Digital Newspapers

According to Verhulsdonck (125), one of the major breakthroughs of the emergence of internet is instant feedback among the users. This aspect has played a great role in the development of digital newspapers since readers quickly interact with the content writers as compared to their peers in the print newspapers. Though the two-way nature of…



Social Media

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Yellow Journalism Effect on Media News and Journalism

Throughout the American history, there have been many wars. One that has caught an attention is the Spanish-American war. This was battle between the United States and Spain in 1898, that lasted about ten weeks, April 25, 1898-August 2, 1898 (Hispanic Division Library of Congress). In this essay, it will present the idea of how…



Social Media

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