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Theme of Culture Shock in the movie Outsourced

Intercultural communication is a global phenomenon in the world due to technological advancement. Intercultural communication can be said to be a cultural interaction which communities have a shared interaction. Culture shock can be defined as the challenges that people face when they go to other countries or other parts of the globe. Many people have…

Culture Shock,

Movie Review

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Experience Culture Shock during Study Abroad

Nowadays, there are more people choose to study abroad. Therefore, they must experience a lot of culture shock in other countries. Why we experience culture shock? National culture refers to the historical development and social heritage. Due to the different historical developments of different ethnic groups. The culture formed in the long history of national…

Culture Shock,

Study Abroad

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My Culture Shock and Acceptance in China

Culture shock is a sensibility of strangeness and disorientation experienced by people visiting a culture where things are being done very differently from their background. They can’t cause a sense of the cultural meanings and practices of what’s occurrence all around them. Culture shock is the impact you may test when you enter a culture…

Chinese Culture,

Culture Shock

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Culture Shock and Culture Comfort

I can’t remember the time I first realized that the world outside of China consisted of people who were not Chinese Asian. I was about five years old and really confused. I truly just did not understand what was going on. No-one had ever thought to tell me that in America, people looked different than me,…


Culture Shock

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Culture Shock Definition

What is culture? The wide anthropological sense of culture is a complex fractal patterns which incorporates information, perception, ethics, law, custom and any other potential and patterns developed by man is citizenry. (Tyler, 1871). A culture is absolutely socially obtained a way of life of a group of individuals. It comprises of the designed, exhausting…


Culture Shock

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