Meaning of Life and the Importance of Money

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Do I think Money is life? a lot of people can agree a lot can’t agree but I agree that it is life because Money means less financial problems and lead us to a brighter future , it helps us to have control over our life. Not only that but so many more reasons why money can be life. Money can’t buy our happiness but can help us out with a lot of things in life. As we grow up we see the true meaning of life and the importance of money.

Money is a helpful way to not let problems get in the way. If it wasn’t for money our jobs or wherever we get it from , we wouldn’t be able to pay off rent or provide food at the table or even continue on with a bright future. I personally think money can make get rid of a lot of problems such as paying off debt. A lot of people stress out or get anxious on what they are going to do to pay the next rent or how they can get more hours to be able to get more money. Money can be a good off a shoulder worry because nowadays you can’t do anything without money. Whenever my mom doesn’t have enough money she goes into anxious mode and starts worrying about what she’s going to do.

Money can enable us to have more control over our life and depend on us having a better future. many of us are stuck in a career or in a job we hate, but we can’t lose it because we could end up losing a lot of things. My own mother, a bright young woman with a bright future , back in the sixties had to give up on her dreams , forget about college and start working because she was raised by a single mother who always tried to provide for her three daughters but was never enough, she was very poor and needed to support her mom and herself.But as years passed she saved up went to collage, graduated, and has a major in journalism. She pursued her dreams by working hard and all with the help of money.

Money places a very high standard in our life and i think without it we would be nowhere. Working for our dreams and being able to earn money to take out some stress from out shoulders can be lots of help, not only that but can help us have control over our life. We don’t realize all the things we buy sometimes. Some could be useless and some could work in handy. That’s where we as a person take control and make smart decisions on what we spend money on. “When i was young i thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that i am old i know that it is.” says John Ruskin, and what he says is true we don’t realize the importance of money when we are young we realize it while we grow and learn more about life.


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