Integrity in Management

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The word integrity it refers to in a broad sense. In the today’s era integrity holds a significant position in the organization and in students. The integrity is a trademark to employer working in an organization as worker is ethically doing job or not. To the students in their post- secondary education to create a atmosphere of truthfulness in classroom as when they grow up they execute the same thing that they learnt in the classroom. The integrity is consider to be a tool and path for the success for any organization and to students as they are not deceiving in their respective fields.

Integrity is barometer for calculating the performance of employee in the company. Nowadays corporations have started doing assessment criteria. This assessment would encourage employees to be more efficient and productive towards their work which helps company to grow. Integrity is beneficial to the company in decision making process by creating the atmosphere of morality and truthfulness inside the organization. The organization will be in threat if the manager fails the integrity at work place.

The clients and suppliers of the company tends to decrease their faith, loyalty, trust as of there is violation of integrity. When the administrator is arrogant and starts discrimination among colleagues they started losing their faith and commitment towards their work. Furthermore managers also start blaming employees for each and every obstacle arise instead of trying to give resolution to it. Thus, the integrity is pivotal in any organization. “John F. Akers, Chairman of IBM, contends that IBM has built its business on a basis of trust and confidence.” (Zauderer,1992)

The integrity in students is vital as today’s student are upcoming future of any country. Students are the real asset of any country. Various educational institute , universities ,colleges are focusing more on students integrity for better ethical development and to guide them for solutions of allegations. As academic integrity is essential for their bright future as they put all their hard work and efforts for their studies.

When students adopt unethical way or dishonesty towards their work their work the is compromised which will adversely affect their career and bring their moral down. The way students do in their academics the same they will execute in future jobs and business. By following unethical ways and dishonesty it will escalate their issues and it will be hurdle for their career. Academic integrity also differs from different students and their education background. “’Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.’–Albert Einstein” (Roger,Timothy 2016)

To put in nutshell from the above it would be recommended that integrity is essential to both in management as well as in academics. Eliminating integrity from management and academics would result in disaster outcomes.

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