Laws of Academic Integrity

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Academic integrity is the reflection of integrity in an academic setting. It relies on trust, respect, honesty, courage, fairness, and responsibility. Academic integrity means avoiding cheating and plagiarism. It means creating and expressing your ideas and giving the credits to that person whose work you use. Academic integrity ensures that the work you submit is yours. To maintain the academic integrity, all the work should be properly cited, and the credits must be given to all the people whose works or ideas you use. Academic integrity is the foundation of colleges and universities. The reputation of the college and universities relies on academic integrity.

Academic integrity is of the utmost necessity. It is important for various reasons. Academic integrity provides the value to our credentials. If we violate the laws of academic integrity, it can put us into serious trouble. Academic integrity is important because it helps us to learn and expand our knowledge for our readings and research. It helps us to build the skills that are vital for us to succeed in our life, and the ability to face the challenges of our life. It helps us to develop ourselves. Violating the law of academic integrity can have an impact on our employment opportunities and even our reputation, the employment agencies hire the workers with a good reputation and whom they can trust. Academic integrity is important because it makes us feel proud of what we are.

As an authentic learner, we should explore and construct the concepts and ideas that involve real-life problems and issues. Authentic learning is important because, in this, we learn from real-life examples. In this, we address the topics that are applicable in our real-life

I am an international student. The educational standard in my home country differs from here. I am unaware of plagiarism and its consequences. I listen to this word for the first when I came here. In my country, we usually study in groups because it helps us to better understand everything but here, we have to work individually. I have unintentionally violated the laws of academic integrity. I simply took help from one of my friends to complete my assignment because I do not want to lose the marks. But what I did is wrong because under the laws of academic integrity we cannot collaborate with others to do our assignments. I apologize for this mistake but there is no such intention to do it.

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