Importance of Diversity in Work Place

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The diversity issues in today’s world are growing more serious by the day. As a result, it is increasingly important for the employees, job holder and organization as a firm to teach and develop the good habits and skill. Diversity refers to variety, respect, acceptance and teamwork despite of differences in culture, value, norms, language, religion and so on. It means understanding each individual unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

The main aim of it is to increase training for participants about cultural awareness, knowledge and communication. Diversity is becoming more important to know about employee differences and how to manage in firm. Diversity in organization is important because it helps to maintain mutual respect among employees. Firstly, employees work in a groups or teams comprised of co-workers with varied work styles. They share their ideas, views regarding work place. With the assistance of communication, they can break the language barrier. Every individual is unique so employees learn from their senior. Secondly, how job evaluator establish relation with employees. Senior staff are capable of counselling employee and how to motivate them for the betterment of firm.

Firm should deserve work of employee and reinforcement should establish so they understood mutual respect among themselves. Diversity helps in economic empowerment of marginalized workers. Firstly, It refers to variety and respect so it leads to develop the skill through different training such as on the job training and off the job training. Those employees who are weak in their work must be trained well without any bias. As a topic itself recognized unique and respect so discrimination must be prohibited. Secondly, Many stakeholder as well as member have been marginalized due to racism, ageism and so on.

They suppressed again and again by color then they feel humiliation. Encouraging them through subsidies, bonus and initiative leads toward the path of benefit. According to Frances J. Miliken and Luis. Martins, Their argument is that understanding the multiple effects of diversity in organization groups. Diversity does not leads to success. Eventually ups and down arose. It’s a normal process. I support their view point because as employees from different culture and backgrounds communicate in slightly different ways. This can lead to confusion and frustration, as miss signals result in miscommunication and thus lost productivity. For an example, I work in hotel near to Kyoto city due to lack of Japanese language, I do need lots of time to perform the task. It directly or indirectly harm the hotel.

Example if the company hire an employee in a wheelchair, it may need to install elevators to let that employee move about more readily. Some may argue that the impact of racial diversity in workplace. Diversity is a dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. The relationship is stronger in service oriented relative to manufacturing oriented industries. I agree with them and the benefit of the firm will depend upon the effectiveness of the employee. Without humiliating and discriminating on the basis of racism, they need to provide training related to job. They should be encouraged and maintain respect among them.

Organization have to focus on getting the best talent out of the person regardless of different age, sex and other demographic differences. Leader must learn to manage diversity. Reward should be provided to increase the service and productivity of the firm. Other may argue that demographic diversity in the boardroom. It explores that direct relationship between racial diversity and gender diversity and firm performance. I support this point of view, directors are responsible to execute staff and manage obstacle of the firm. They have significant positive impact on firm performance. He or her should be skillful, experience and expertise. Chairmen of firms are older as compare to the directors.

Imported director doesnot have a commanding quality compare to the local directors. Women are less professionally qualified than male. All board member brings own experience too their position in boardroom. Each individual capable of offering unique ideas, solution and strategies. They able to make higher decisions. Employees perform well in group work. Diversity play important role in organization as a result it can produce better employee performance.

Employee must be unique and respectful toward their firm. Manager or supervisor in the job should learn diversity and how to manage it effectively. It refers as a hot topic in the universe. Diversity helps to plan career for all employees of the organization. It focuses on the getting best talent employee instead of different sex, age and demographic differences.


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