Freedom of Speech in India Argumentative Essay

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Freedom of speech and expression vis a vis right to access internet analytical study

“The internet is the most powerful potential source of enlightenment ever created we have entered the knowledge society and everyone must have access to participate.”


Life would be extremely hard without internet. It is a piece of our daily lives. In these days the internet has become the worldwide methods for correspondence in our daily activities. It is a worldwide stage for sharing our contamination thoughts and overall issues. The internet has helped individuals to get closer in a few seconds.

The biggest way that the internet supports us is that it immediately puts loads of data readily available. The internet is a medium to trade data a spot to share thoughts openly without social orders limitations. It has empowered and upgraded globalisation spreading ideas on the best way to fix the infection and the most recent news quicker than the squint of an eye. The Internet likewise gives data on current activities whenever all through the world, for instance, exchange fairs, gathering and get together, various organisations are furthermore available on the internet now

Internet suggests relationship between the centres over the frameworks. its done through the WWW( web) and show which use in the area bar of the Browsers. Internet is a noteworthy part in our life. The Internet can be used in the PC, phone or some other fitting contraption. In the current age it give an important technique to interface with the people through individual to individual correspondence areas like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Internet uses in e-publicising it for the most part use in web advancing with the jobs of specific locales like eBay.com. web gives an improvement feature of acquirement something over the internet with the usage of online shopping. online shopping a component of web where customer can buy thing with of the charge card or any important technique to trade over the internet.

The current age uncommonly subject to the web since its give the data to get something moreover use in the assessment. there are heaps of site which give the data about your particular subjects. these the best way to deal with find something about almost anything with the usage of some web searcher or locales.

Internet has a wide activity in the electronic business. online business infers electronic exchange. online business has the methodology of like customer to customer, business to customer and business to customer. online business is a method of procurement thing over the usage of internet with the objective that is the way it’s furthermore give a huge component these days.

Banking world in like manner advancement with usage of internet. It give the technique for trade over the framework. e-Banking is a phenomenal component of the Banking division. A customer viably make trade in his record structure wherever using the any PC which has related through a internet . ATM moreover have the relationship of the web. Customers viably buy or sell something over the web with the usage of their E-Banking.

Accept you have to buy the any thing and need to give money of the thing with the usage of the e-banking here basically every webpage have a component of the online trade. so you can without a very remarkable stretch pick your other option and give the portion. the e-banking have an ensured portion gateway. in this portion entryway customer name and pin number or mystery word are change sensitive and not to uncover anybody. customer name mystery word authenticity date of your mystery expression and a number which is notice on your card, use these information and make your portion. there are lots of way to deal with give portion on the E-Banking.

Blog, also a part of the give information about the particular thing, things, methodology, lifestyle, etc there are piles of well known locales. These web diaries invigorated by time. In the online diaries you can comment of your considering the particular things. Google web crawler give a way to deal with find about anything like website, pictures, accounts, tunes or, etc the most prestigious web crawler is Google.com

Our Today’s life are definitely not hard to use internet since it give the supportive part to make a basic life. There is stores of favoured situation of the internet. It use in the monetary part, corporate division, etc. In basically any field web accept his activity without any problem. Internet are comprehensively use by the young age since they can talk with allies by methods for individual to individual correspondence regions. In the casual correspondence districts a customer can visit with his partner and besides give the updates share photos, accounts, etc. Along these lines, these are some instance of the Role of internet in the current life.

Internet freedom is a new challenge facing the 21st century in the society today. The internet is a vast medium of communication around the globe. As the world comes online, the internet community is quickly evolving and changing as the people discover the digital world. Through the internet, people are able to express themselves by sharing their ideas to the people of different social platforms. Internet freedom is the free access to the global interests as a forum for learning, meeting friends, sharing ideas without any censorship. Internet freedom is very important in communication and sharing ideas. People are able to share their life stories, in addition, to learn from the Internet.

The Internet is an adequate instrument for implementing the idea of freedom of speech and expression, it easy to build social connections. Human being alone of all the creatures have been blessed with the ability to create thoughts and choosing between right and wrong. It is believed that an individual can attain self-fulfilment when he has an unrestricted right to express his thoughts. Such freedom has been guaranteed to an individual by our Indian Constitution under Article 19(1)(a), that is, the freedom of speech and expression. For exercise the ‘ freedom of speech’ one must also have the freedom to receive the opinion from others and this can be achieved on by the exchange of ideas. Free Speech from both sides is of equal importance for the free flow of ideas. It is said that an individual owes a debt to the society and he repays it by making his individual contribution to the reservoir of thoughts and ideas already existing.

Aristotle once said that the object of state and society is to make it possible for an individual to lead the highest life, that state and society and not ends in themselves and that they are to serve the individual and any decision which the state takes will at Least affect the individual, and so every individual, therefore, is entitled to shaft his viewpoint over those matters which will ultimately affect him. Without free expression of thoughts, there can be no society at all, because, communication between two individuals is the very essence of social life If society were to decide to as to what shall be said, then there is no point of freedom of speech and expression rather just collecting and again and again searching on the old stock of ideas already in hand.

It is an important source in the promotion of freedom of expression. It is time that we recognise the right to Internet access as a fundamental right. Internet broadband and mobile internet service are a lifeline to people in India from all walks of life. While the Internet is certainly the main source of information and communication and access to social media. It is the mode of access to education for students who do courses and take the exam online. Thus the access to the Internet is a right that is very similar to what a nine -judge bench of the Supreme Court held with respect to the right to privacy in the Justice K.S.Puttaswamy vs union of India passed a historic judgement, a right that is located through all our fundamental rights and freedoms the right to freedom of speech and expression.

Internationally, the right to access to the Internet can be rooted in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that “ Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expressions. This right to includes freedom is to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
Example:-Researcher gave the example of the #Me too campaign which helped to( OUR ) sexual harassment of women by powerful men.

Freedom of speech and expression is recognised as a Fundamental Right under the Constitution of India and in the light of the growing use of the internet as a medium has also been recognised as a fundamental right.

Research gap

After evaluating the existing literature in the form of books, journals, Articles and Newspaper etc. on the right to access the Internet. The researcher concluded that book clarify the Importance and all details to access the internet in present-day society and important cases like KS Puttaswami vs Union of India and The Recent judgment of Jammu & Kashmir in Anuradha Bhasin vs union of India and Gulam Nabi Azad vs union of India in these judgements access the internet is protected right in various fields social, economic, technology and educational. In the Research point of view, the analytical study of literature from these books are sufficient. In the Constitution of India right to access the Internet guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a).

Significance of the study

In the modern world, the Internet has a wide scope of data in each field. It Informed to everywhere throughout the world what’s going on everyday. Internet assumes a significant role in current society. These days, each individual uses the internet to do their day by day undertakings in various fields, for example, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices and so on utilize their electronic gadgets like computer, laptop, cellphones etc.make their work simpler and efficient. It is the source of social change in the general public. That is the reason that access to the Internet has been guaranteed by the Constitution of India under Article 19(1)(a)which is secured right of the people in India.

In the months-long Internet blockade in Jammu and Kashmir currently announced that access to the Internet a fundamental right. Hence, the significance of researcher study is to educate the individuals about the right to access the Internet is a fundamental right under Article 19(1)(a) freedom of speech and expression.

Object and purpose of the study

As noted in the introductory part, Object of the present research work is

  1. To study, the right to access the internet is a source of information in every field i.e social, education, economics etc.
  2. Every citizen of India has right to access the internet as a fundamental right under Article 19(1)(a) freedom of speech and expression.
  3. To find out the right to access the Internet is constitutionally protected right in the present day.

Scope of the Research

  1. The research work will be focusing on the right to access the internet as a fundamental right freedom of speech, and expression under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution. The law states that “all the citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression means the right to express one’s opinion freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures, photographs, cartoons or any other mode. Internet is also the medium of speech and expression.
  2. The Researcher work would be covering all the aspects of access to the Internet in all fields such as socially, educationally, technological, and economically. Use of the internet as a tool for the exercise of freedom and speech and expression and trade and commerce.
  3. The researcher work would be covering all the constitutional provisions in details relating to the right to access the internet concerning with speech and expression.
  4. The research work will cover all the important guidelines issued for the better use of the right to access the Internet as freedom of speech and expression.
  5. The research work will also cover the suggestions which may prove to be more beneficial for the access to the internet.


The right to internet access also known as the right to broadband or freedom to connect is the view that all people must be able to access the Internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to freedom to expression and opinion and other fundamental rights, that states have a responsibility to ensure that internet access is broadly available and that states may not unreasonable restrictions an individual’s access to the Internet.

Research Methodology

The present study is primarily a descriptive one. Researcher has adopted the doctrinal method of research. In the present study, the researcher has made use of both primary as well as secondary sources. The primary and secondary sources are:

Primary sources include

  1. Constitution of India
  2. Judgement of Supreme Court

    Secondary sources include

  3. Books
  4. Newspaper
  5. Journal/Article
  6. Internet
  7. Magazines

The study is mainly based on the data collected by secondary sources mainly covering the analysis of the term ‘access to the Internet’ as a fundamental right. Right to access the internet as a freedom of speech and expression under Article 19 (1)(a) in the Indian Constitution. It is a humble attempt to present research work on the concerned subject which is of vital importance in today’s time and age, both nationally as well as internationally.

Research questions

  1.  What is the Internet access mean?
  2. How is it possible that “access to the internet ” is a fundamental right in the Indian Constitution?
  3. What is the provision in the Constitution to add a new fundamental right like the right to the Internet?
  4. What Supreme Court has recently ruled that the right to access the Internet is part of the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression?

Chapterisation Plan

  1. Chapter one briefly introduces the topic and analysis the importance, value and benefits of the Internet. Internet plays an important role in people’s life. People get information through the internet all over the world in a few seconds. People have the right to have access to the information in various fields. The chapter talks about the Internet is a new dimension of access to information.
  2. Chapter Two discusses the Constitution provision of freedom of speech and expression. In this chapter elaborate introduction of freedom and speech and expression and it’s meaning and scope also mentioned. This chapter will also highlight the judgements delivered by the Indian courts showcasing the importance of the freedom of speech and expression. This chapter will at last cover the latest movement relating to the right to access the internet as a part of the freedom of speech and expression under Article 19(1))(a) in the Constitution of India.
  3. Chapter Three will cover all the relevant provisions of the freedom of speech and expression vis a vis right to access the internet analytical study. This chapter will cover in details about the right to access the internet is a protected right by the state. The state has a responsibility to ensure that internet access is broadly available.
  4. Chapter Four can be looked upon as the other half of the third chapter, as in chapter three related to judicial approach. All the recent judgements and cases interpreted in this chapter. Chapter four covers the guidelines which have been issued by the government of India for access to the internet as under the fundamental right.
  5. Chapter Five is the concluding chapter of the entire research work. Chapter five will cover in brief the entire information about the Internet studied in the above chapters. In this chapter will mostly cover the suggestions for the right to access the Internet is the freedom of the citizens freely express their ideas all over the world through speech and expression. Through the internet discusses the various ideas to one to another.

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Is right to speech a fundamental right in India?
Yes, the right to speech is a fundamental right in India as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution under Article 19. It allows citizens to express their opinions freely without fear of censorship or persecution.
Is there freedom of speech in India?
Yes, there is freedom of speech in India. The Constitution of India guarantees the right to freedom of speech and expression to all its citizens.
What is Article 19 freedom of speech?
Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." In other words, everyone has the right to express themselves freely without fear of retribution.
Which amendment is freedom of speech in India?
The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951, enacted in 1951, made several changes to the Fundamental Rights provisions of the Indian constitution.
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