Impact Investment Analyst is My Dream Job

  • Updated September 29, 2021
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My dream job is to be a senior analyst of an Impact Investment firm, where I would invest in companies that make a positive impact in the world. Examples include environmentally friendly products, energy efficient technologies, services for underprivileged groups and affordable housing. Impact investment is a new and growing career and has emerged as a response to critical economic and/or social problems that neither governments nor charities can solve alone. I am passionate about this practice because it bridges the gap between the financial market and philanthropy, generating a financial return as well as a positive social and environmental impact.

I believe this job is fit for me because it requires financial knowledge as well as passion for international social work. Since I am part of the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, concentrating in Finance, I believe my skill sets are a perfect fit for the job. The combination of my business-oriented Wharton courses and my social and humanitarian College courses enable me to have a different viewpoint and approach towards investment opportunities.

I have taken finance and accounting classes, participated in financial modeling and valuation boot camp, and spoke to several bankers in info-sessions, speeches, and interviews. Investment Banking analyst positions appeal to me since they valuate, quantitively and qualitatively, different companies across industries and countries. However, although I like their high learning curve, group structure and research, presentation and negotiation tasks, I hate the idea of having exhaustive long hours, cut-throat competition, and being in a very male-dominated industry. But most importantly, in the long run, the IB analyst routine lacks task significance and meaningfulness, and thus I would lack job motivation.

Given that, Impact Investing motivates me because it has very similar financial skill variety and task identity as investment banking (such as financial modeling and valuation, research, client meetings, industry analysis and group work) but with a more relaxed work culture and environment (due to its whole purpose of doing good), and a much more rewarding long-term motivation of making the world a better place. I am intrigued that it is very governmental policy-driven, which will ensure I am always updated with my passion for political science. Moreover, since it is an upcoming industry, I love the idea of working in a small and entrepreneurial environment. There, I will feel more comfortable to voice my opinions, questions and concerns and will have a higher personal impact on the final project. Also, such environment will ensure I have quicker direct feedback from my work, which will increase my work effectiveness. Lastly, as a new industry with no clear direction, I will feel motivated to act dynamically, be autonomous and constantly learn together with the leaders of the field –– guaranteeing me higher growth and general job satisfaction.

Nevertheless, my dream job has demotivating aspects to it, such as having generally lower financial returns than regular investments, and thus most likely reflecting in a smaller salary or bonus. Moreover, I am aware of its high industry risk, since current impact investing is very dependent on government policy, funding and philanthropic money; thus, I will have less job stability when comparing to bigger firms. Lastly, since it is a very niche industry, I am aware most companies do not have fixed post-college programs and positions are more competitive. Thus, realistically, I would get my dream job at least three years after graduation.

In conclusion, I am excited and hopeful that someday I will be able to be an Impact Investment analyst, since it merges my skill sets and passions. In the end of the day, I aspire to spend my days with talented people, in an inspiring environment with an important mission.

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