Immigration Issue and The Wall

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” You can’t have very good border security without the wall.”- Donald Trump. The United States has long been considered a nation of immigrants; it has been referred to as a global “melting pot” because it has such a diverse amount of cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. Recently immigration and the “wall”, a wall you want to build along the border to curb illegal immigration; has and was a very hot topic in your presidential election and term. But is the wall really worth it? Is immigration really that big of an issue? Do you really think that a wall will deal with and fix the immigration problems you think we have in our country?

I personally believe immigration benefits the United States. American immigration didn’t really begin until the late 1700s, when the United States became an independent nation. Before that, Africans had unwillingly entered the United States of America as enslaved peoples and Europeans had also entered as settlers; which was a different story back then. These days immigrants come to the United States because we are the ” Land Of The Free.” They come to work and build better lives for themselves and their children. Most immigrants flee their own countries due to wars, gangs, no jobs, and many other reasons. They don’t come here to steal our jobs, or bring drugs, and they certainly aren’t “animals” or ” criminals” as you’ve said. Immigrants actually have boosted America’s economic growth. They do the jobs that many American’s do not want to do.

They also generate new products and ideas. Also, without immigration there will not be a growing workforce and without growing workforce, soon the US economy would begin to decrease and soon would lose its leadership role in the global economy. There are many examples of immigrants moving to where the jobs are. During and after World War II, Mexican immigrants were forced to help in filling up the shortages that resulted from the war. They came to the US on labor contracts ; known as the Bracero Program, to work the farms while Americans went out and fought in the war. Also, during the oil boom of the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was also a record migration of immigrants to Texas. So you see, immigrants have always and will always continue to benefit the United States and enhance our country.

During your election you proposed on building a wall to help enforce border security and help protect the estimated 1,900 mile long border between Mexico and the US. Is a wall worth approximately 5 billion dollars really going to help? There already is a wall along the southern border so what makes us think building a new one will help. What about all the illegal immigrants that have already crossed the border? The problem of people overstaying their visa’s is something the border wall can’t fix. About 40 percent of illegal immigrants in the country came with visas and entered our country legally but later their visa’s expired.

Also, I believe that just because we build this borderwall, that illegal immigration would suddenly stop. We have a wall, or a border fence, we have border security, and yet we still have illegal entries into the United States. Immigrants come into our country in many different ways, a bigger and better wall is not going to change the problem. Therefore, I believe a border wall will not help with the issue of immigration. Broad restrictions on immigration are not an effective way of addressing the problem and fixing it. We should look at and start working on the expansions of border security and on more opportunities for immigrants to enter the US legally.

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