How You Can Stop Global Warming

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Global warming is a term used to explain the steady increase in the normal temperature of the global atmosphere. The change is said to be causing a permanent change in the world climate and its oceans. Generally people argue if global warming is real, a debate that is discussed in every part of the continent but scientists through use of data have proved that global warming is real. Scientist argues that if global warming is not controlled the average global temperature is going to increase by 10 degrees in the coming years. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the causes, effects, and remedies of global warming.

The first cause of global warming is the effects of a greenhouse. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse pollutants gases accumulate in the atmosphere leading to absorptions of sunlight radiation that have leaped the global surface (Wheeler & Von, 2015). In a normal way these radiations escape into the universe but as a result of these pollutants that can last for many years in the space traps heat from the sunlight causing the planet to heat up. The second cause of global warming is burning the fossils fuels to produce power for running machines (Wheeler & Von, 2015).

Burning these fossils forms the primary source of pollution as a result of trapping heat that generates approximately two billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. The transportation sector comes second to every country’s source of carbon dioxide pollution while burning of coal comes first. The third cause of global warming is human causes. These include cutting down trees and use of harmful chemicals in agriculture to control pest and disease lead to global warming. Cutting down of trees reduce absorption of carbon dioxide hence accumulating in the atmosphere. Harmful chemicals destroy the ozone layer as a result of evaporation resulting in global warming (Wheeler & Von, 2015).

Global warming has a number of effects ranging from environment, health to economic that will take place if the world continues with the same trend. The first effect of global warming is a change of habitats (Dai, 2014). Global warming may lead to an extinction of some animal and plant species since their habitat may be destroyed or disrupted. Also, farms and forests may experience new pests, heat waves and increased downpours leading to flooding. The results of all these factors will also destroy agriculture and wildlife. Another effect of global warming is an outbreak of allergies and asthma diseases as a result of increased air pollution (Ring et al, 2016).

Finally, global warming will lead to severe droughts and melting of glaciers. These factors will result in a shortage of clean water in the whole world.

However, there are some remedies to end the effects of global warming. The first remedy to global warming is the use of renewable energy sources instead of burning fuels to power our machines (“How You Can Stop Global Warming”, 2018). The renewable energy sources are environmental friendly hence will not affect the atmosphere. Secondly, human beings should stop cutting down of trees and use of harmful chemicals to control pests in agriculture.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide hence controlling it from mixing with other gases that pollute the atmosphere. For this reason, more trees should be planted to control draught. Lastly, global warming can be reduced through speaking up about its effect. The government should educate its citizens on the effects of global warming and teach them ways to reduce it. The government should also come up with laws that restrict the emission of carbon dioxide (“How You Can Stop Global Warming”, 2018).

In conclusion, global warming is a threat to the human population and if not controlled will have profound effects. Global warming is caused by greenhouse effects that emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants gases into the atmosphere. Human factors such as burn of fossils to produce power for running machines and use of harmful chemicals lead to global warming. For these reasons, global warming has to be controlled to prevent droughts, extinction of some plants and animals and outbreaks of diseases.


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What are 5 ways to stop global warming?
Reducing carbon emissions, switching to renewable energy sources, promoting energy efficiency, planting trees, and supporting sustainable agriculture are some effective ways to stop global warming. Adopting these measures can help mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and preserve the planet for future generations.
What are the top 10 ways to prevent global warming?
The top 10 ways to prevent global warming are to reduce energy consumption, use renewable energy sources, and increase energy efficiency.
What is the main way to stop global warming?
The main way to stop global warming is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. This can be done by using less fossil fuels, planting trees, and increasing energy efficiency.
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