How My Best Friend Was Murdured

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I was there, I saw it with my own eyes when they murdered my best friend. It just meant to be a job, nothing major. Call it a favour for a friend if you must. It was going to be a drop and go but then the guy started asking too many questions and started interrogating us. I panicked and went to the toilet. When I came out, they were about to shoot her. She cracked and blurted. They threatened to kill her sister and her mother. I hid behind the pillar and gazed into my best friend’s eyes. Suddenly the toilet’s door closed, and everyone turned their head rapidly to see who was there and instantly killed my best friend. Some big guy came running up the stairs. I hesitated and just stood there like a statue.

When he clutched me, a new sort of anger came out of me. I turned around in his hands and kneed him twice in the groyne, punched him in the nose until he was lying flat on the floor. I hit him so many times on the chin that I did not even know who I was! I quickly ran back into the bathroom and locked myself in. I could hear the other man’s steps approaching. I quickly decided, and I saw a window on the roof. I stood on the toilet chair and made a jump for the handle. I did not make it, so I jumped again with all my might and made it. I pulled up and started running on the roof, this was bound to be one of the craziest things that I have ever done before.

Luckily for me, he could not get through. The only problem was how to get out. The only way was to jump onto another building. I thought to myself. I could not, who do you think you were, James Bond? I hesitantly swerved my head side to side as I saw an outside fire escape and the jump was not far off the building. But I was too late.

A female assassin kind of-looking lady came up the window. A wave of action, violence, movie scenes came to my head as if my brain were only storing those movie memories as if it knew that this moment would come. I suddenly remembered Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and how he slid under the person’s legs and tasered him from behind. As I attempted this manoeuvre, it was as if everything was in slow motion, as if I were in a movie, as if I were in control.

I quickly stood up and turned and tasered, but it did not work, who was she Wonder Woman? She should be working for the Avengers or something, and certainly not some low-life scum. She then left jabbed me to the nose, as it was rapidly bleeding, she then punched me in the Solar Plexus. I dropped suddenly to the floor. Lights out. I was not aware of what happened for the next few hours. As soon as I woke up from the knockout, I was greeted by a bright light gleaming into my eyes until I could not see. I realised that I was tied to the chair.

A mysterious man started to dance towards me surrounded by tough men that look like they go to the gym every day for 6 hours. I could not see where I was exactly, but I smelt a lot of meat, it was safe to assume I was in a giant fridge! As the man danced his or her way over, I couldn’t really tell.


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