Cosmetic Surgery for Men – the End of a Taboo?

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Beauty, like any good thing in life, is not a one-way street! Men are getting into it too. Eager to remain in consonance with themselves, men are more than ever concerned with the image they project.

Cosmetic surgery has never been reserved only for women, but it is true that for many years, men were quite cautious and dared not necessarily engage in these procedures or talk once performed. Today, it is over, and many men are not only heading for cosmetic surgery, but also admitting it publicly. And for good reason, everyone likes to take care of themselves!

The End of a Taboo?

In the past, when a man took care of him, the projected image was not very manly and male elegance was the subject of mockery. Today more than 10% of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on men, somewhere the water has passed under the bridge. Cosmetic surgery helps man to project a dynamic, young image that conforms to what today’s society demands. For some men and fathers of families, work is 10 to 12 hours a day, so it is almost impossible to consider playing sports!

So if cosmetic surgery saves a few years in elegance, many men take the plunge! The figures speak for themselves, according to studies, in less than two decades the proportion of men using cosmetic surgery has increased from 5% to 15%.

Urban and active thirties are those who most readily turn to cosmetic surgery, and among their favorites are rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), laser hair removal, but also hair treatments or penoplasty. Rhinoplasty is really a flagship intervention, and more and more people are adopting this operation to find a nose that really adapts to the person they are and to get rid of their complexes.

The Nose, the Main Component of the Face

The nose, obviously, is one of the areas of the face that we notice the most, it brings balance… or imbalance. The expressions of the eyes and the mouth are also very important, as well as the volumes like the chin or the cheekbones. But if it suffices a slight imperfection of one of them for the harmony to be broken, the nose remains the central element of the face, and its slightest defects are visible immediately by all. We therefore understand that it generates so many complexes.

But what keeps many men from taking the plunge is the value of parentage: having the nose of your ancestors is sometimes more of a burden than an honor.

It is often during adolescence that complexes on the nose appear, and often because of the mockery of others. It is a complex so strong that we do not feel ourselves, not whole with this nose which is not us, and it is therefore understandable that we want to change it!

Rhinoplasty, Different Operations as Needed

A distinction is made between functional rhinoplasty, or rhinoseptoplacy, and aesthetic rhinoplasty. The first will correct a defect impacting the proper functioning of the nose, often a deviated nasal septum (very common in men who practice violent sports and have already had a broken nose). The second will reshape the overall morphology of the nose: straighten it, shorten it, reduce its width, eliminate a bump, and reshape a point or nostrils that are too thick.

Procedure of a Rhinoplasty Intervention

In the first appointment with the surgeon, you can discuss your desires, what you in your complex nose. He will take pictures of your nose and, using software, will be able to model the possible changes.

The operation is done under general anaesthesia, and generally leaves a discreet scar because the surgeon goes through the nostrils or the base of the columella (the cartilage between the two nostrils). Depending on the patient’s needs, cartilage and / or bone will need to be reshaped. The intervention lasts approximately 1hour 30 minutes , and the patient will then have to wear locks for two days, as well as a shaping dressing for several days. However, the nose that you will discover when the surgeon removes the bandage is not final: it will still have to deflate due to edema, and will continue to evolve slowly to reach its final result after three or four months.

The Most Popular Interventions for Men

Even if it’s the same area, cosmetic surgery for men is very different from that for women. In France as in other countries of the world, here are the most common cosmetic surgery procedures on men!


Rhinoplasty is an intervention that aims to reshape the nose to give the desired shape. The rhinoplasty procedure the most practiced in France and the figures are combined with the masculine also now. This operation can give a lot of radiance by harmonizing the nose with the other parts of the face. Located inside, the scars for rhinoplasty are invisible.


More than a male problem, hair transplantation represents an important part of cosmetic surgery for men. Baldness mainly affects men aged 35 to 50. The solution; hair transplantation, an effective, lasting, aesthetic and above all very discreet solution. Admittedly the hair transplant is a little expensive but it is the most assured solution currently in the world.


Otoplasty is an intervention that allows repositioning or reshaping of unsightly or enlarged protruding ears. The operation can involve only one ear but most of the time it is bilateral.


Blepharoplasty also known as gaze surgery consists in removing the tired aspect from the gaze. Many men, especially when they reach their forties, resort to cosmetic surgery to find a rejuvenated look.

Blepharoplasty is an intervention independent of other parts of the face without any change in the shape of the eyes. Only the fatty pockets and hernias and sometimes the upper eyelids weighed down by excess skin will be modified.


Choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon with experience for any procedure. Several low-cost practitioners offer very dangerous services. To choose your cosmetic surgeon, find out about blogs and forums before making an appointment.

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