“Black Panther” Movie Analysis

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The movie Black Panther is an exciting film that reflects the story of the black nation known as Wakanda land. The film features a fascinating story about the black kingdom and the leadership wrangles that present in Wakanda. Although the plot of the movie is fictional, the movie tends to offer different information to its audience. The starring of the movie T’Challa managed to ascend to the Wakanda throne after the death of his father (Sen, 231). The preceding ruler of Wakanda land who is known as T’Chaka and the father of T’Challa died due to a bomb attack. T’Chaka is described to be a good and wise ruler, and for his good virtues that were possessed by T’Chaka, his son has high regards of him that he goes to an extra mile of worshipping his father (Sen, 232).

However, as the movie continues, the revelation about his father affects the perceptions that T’Chaka has about his father. The film also focuses on the criminal partnership present between Eric Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue a known arms dealer (Sen, 231). Killmonger primary aim is to get top Wakanda and claim the throne as he believes that he the rightful owner of The Wakanda throne. In the move, N’jobu is sent by T’Chaka to the United States as one of Wakanda’s war dogs (Sen 233). However, in reaching the United States N‘jobu manages to realize black racism that is evident in the United States. The movie indicates the issues that black people are facing and the benefits of empowering black people to enhance equality in society.

The movie Black Panther tends to elicit mixed reaction due to racially sensitive that is being depicted by the film. The primary objection of the movie is that most critiques of the movie argue that the movie has racist content. In the movie, the central roles of the film are played by the black people who indicate black supremacy in the movie. The technological advancements that have been advocated by the movie also indicate the capabilities of the black people in the society. In the movie, the acts of racism that N’Jobu manages to witness in the United States when he is sent as a war dog to spy on the United States also indicate the racial incidences that the black people are subjected to undergo in the contemporary society (Sen 231).

The other objection that is presented about the movie is because of the movie strong over empowerment of black women. White supremacist in the community had been on the forefront to offer objection about the film. The white supremacist argues that the movie significantly deals with black people in the Wakanda society. The white supremacists argue that the provision of blacks with all the central roles in the movie undermines other races in the community. Moreover, other people argue that the over-empowerment of the female gender in the movie subverts the male gender as the film indicates how women in the society were holding a majority of the leadership positions in the nation of Wakanda.

The movie tends to play a significant role in promoting equality in society. The primary aim of the movie was to empower the black community across the globe. The black community has managed to undergo various racist incidences that black people usually face in society. However, it is evident that the arguments that are being offered people objecting the movie might hold water. The dominance of black people tends to be a significant element that plays a critical role in drawing of the objective opinions.

The film is worth watching due to the intriguing aspects that have been integrated in the movie. The movie manages to integrate the ancient society with the contemporary society. The film is also interesting due to how the producers of the movie manage to integrate modern technology in an ancient society. The role of women in the society has also been upgraded by the movie as the scenes indicate majority of the leadership positions are occupied by women in Wakanda society. People should also watch the movie as scenes of the movie indicates the superiority of black people in the society.

The opposition of might benefit from a great deal if they manage to support the idea that is being sold by the movie. The opposition should be able to realize that the primary aim of the movie is to enhance equality in the society that has been dominated by racial discrimination. The opposition will benefit by managing to realize that the intention of the movie was to indicate to people the significance of black people in the society.

In the perception of self, after watching the movie, I feel that the movie was aimed at eliminating black segregation in society. The opinions that are being offered by the opposition might hold water due to the overwhelming presence of black characters in the film. However, it is essential for the opposition to understand the main plot of the movie was aimed at addressing the story of blacks in society (Sen 232). However, the contradicting element of the arguments of the two sides is the presence of white people in the film who manage to oppress the black people. The movie manages to indicate both white and black supremacy in the movie.

All in all, the movie Blank Panther tends to attract various perceptions and arguments based on the multiple scenes of the film. The movie attracts both objections and actual arguments. The objections that are drawn from the movie indicate the racist content. The arguments opposing the film indicate African Americans play black supremacy in the movie as most of the central characters of the movie. However, in viewing and analyzing the movie, it is evident that the production of the film aimed well in the community. The movie aimed at empowering black people in society which will play a significant role in creating a community that promotes equality.


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