Global Warming and Change of Climate

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Many years have passed and the earth is continuously changing — new things are discovered, the way of living’s elevated everytime, and especially the environment that we live in. It’s Year 2019 and how are things coming up with our Mother Earth? We noticed that days are getting hotter even at night, the air that we breathe is now dirtier and we watch in televisions that monsoons are getting frequent than before. Why does this happen? What are the cause? This is where Global Warming comes in.

The long-term rising of temperature or climate or having extreme weather is what it briefly means, but is the earth warming? Sources or studies have shown that since year 1998, the earth continued to warm and years 2014-2017 were the four warmest years globally since 1880 (NASA). The temperature increases because the of the amount of trapping gases in the air is increasing, and the common one is carbon dioxide which will promote greenhouse effect (the trapping of sun’s warmth close to the land).

In 1958, scientist Charles Keeling started taking daily measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide to study the seasonal cycle that drives carbon dioxide higher when plants are dormant during Nothern Hemisphere, but he has suspected that the total amount of the gas was increasing year after year. The main factor of this is the burning of fossil fuels and making of concrete buildings. Since then, the amount of carbon dioxide that is released increases time by time. Sunspots and volcanic eruptions can also be a factor of why the earth’s temperature changes but the things is, if natural factors were controlling the climate of the earth, the the temperature would be cooler unlike what is today (UCAR, 2017).

Some also say that the earth is just what it is, no increasing of temeprature or carbon dioxide emission, and warming. According to Donella Meadows in 1990, the records of the five hottest years of the past century, specifically years 1980, 1983, 1887, 1981, and 1988 came from 2000 meteorogical stations that weren’t evenly distributed over the earth’s surface and could be a local warming of urban islands, and as for the satellite data, the instruments weren’t easily calibrated on the ground and was only programmed to cover 10 years which can’t be used to record the change of climate.

To monitor this, it must cover some effects like ice melting with the warming of tree rings, warming of the lower atmosphere, expansion of sea level, and the buildup of heat-trapping gases, but it turns out — Alaska was used as a sample to gather data which is not sufficient because it’s small enough to be significant with the Arctic and acid rain and moisture’s the reason why tree tings are affected, the increase of sea level has no acceleration that would be expected from greenhouse warming, and heat-trapping of gasses won’t occur if other cooling factors overwhelm it.


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Global warming is one of the main causes of climate change, as it leads to an increase in the Earth's average temperature, resulting in changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels, and melting of glaciers and ice caps. These changes have far-reaching impacts on ecosystems, human health, and the global economy.
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