General Description of the Country Liberia

Updated August 12, 2022

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General Description of the Country Liberia essay

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Located in west Africa and bordered by Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and the Atlantic Ocean lies the country of Liberia. There are 15 colonies within the country itself. The capital is Monrovia and is also has the highest population. Following right after in population is Gbenga and Kakata. A few of the main harbors located in Liberia are Monrovia and Bucahan. Interesting attractions that you will see if you visit are weird structured rocks, national museums, Centennial Pavilion, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and many more.

There are three physical geographical features in Liberia. Flat coastal main groves which include shrub or small trees that grow in coastal saline or brackish water. The swamp and valleys which includes wetland in a forest like land. The last physical geographical you will be finding is tall peaks in the north. There are a few popular lakes and rivers, these include the St. Paul river, Lake Piso, and Cavalla / Cavally river. A feature of all these is that they all empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to visit you would need to be prepared to get wet. In Liberia there are two main seasons being dry and wet. Either way you will get wet either form the amount of sweat or by the rain falling. A well-known quote you will hear many Liberians say is “by the rain or by the sweat

Economically speaking ever since the ebola breakout in 2014 they have struggled. Some say they have been stunned in this regard. Although surprisingly their unemployment rate is only 3.5% due to the major exports of rubber and timber. Before the outbreak in 2014 around 2011 they were one of the fastest growing 20 economies in the world. They had decreased their debt from 4.5 billion to 222 million. Now blackouts were and are common for the country of Liberia, infrastructure and engineering still need work.

Major things that Liberia has been through would be two civil wars and the ebola outbreak in 2014. Overcoming the ebola outbreak after having been a toxic country for almost two years (2014-2016) was a very big mile stone for them as a country. Ebola had roughly 28,600 known cases and roughly 11,325 deaths. They believe the cause for this major out break was due to the fact of unprecedented circulation EVD (external ventricular drain) into crowded urban areas.

Some interesting traits about Liberia would have to be that Liberians love their spicy foods. Some of the parents would purposely feed their children hot peppers and food when they were little so they would have a desire to eat spicy when they were older. They claim the lion as their national animal. They are the one and only African state to have gained independence without a major revolt. While they have their own form of Liberian money, they also accept US money. They drive on the right-hand side of the road. They are one of the only 3 countries that don’t use the metric system along with US and Myanmar (Burma). They speak English but it is very broken and has a bit of a Liberian kokogua (kolokwa) swing to it.

While in Liberia you will see many sights and attractions, but you might not see many people there. It’s a beautiful country that has grown a lot over the past years. Regardless of the cases of ebola it’s worth seeing the country.

General Description of the Country Liberia essay

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Is Liberia a rich or poor country?
Despite its abundant natural wealth and favorable geographic location, Liberia is among the world's poorest countries .
What are 3 interesting facts about Liberia?
Interesting facts about Liberia 'Liberia' is actually Latin and translates to 'Land of the Free'. The flag of Liberia is similar to that of the United States. Liberia is a heaven for surfers. Liberia is the first country in Africa which had a female president.
What are 6 facts about Liberia?
To mark it, we've unearthed 15 interesting facts about the West African nation for your enjoyment. It was created for freed slaves. The average resident is under 18 years. The world's biggest cruise ships are registered there. Most Liberians speak English. It has Africa's cleanest cities. The lack of smokers might help.
What kind of country is Liberia?
Liberia is a unitary state and a presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system, modeled after the government of the United States. Head of state and head of government is the President.
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