French colonized Republique du Congo in 1876 until 1885.

Updated August 12, 2022

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French colonized Republique du Congo in 1876 until 1885. essay

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They regain their independence back in 1960.

The capital city is Brazzaville.


The people of the Republic of Congo barely eat meat because it has to be hunted or imported which is expensive to do. They eat mostly fruits, nuts and vegetables like pineapples and rice.


The average literacy rate for adults is 77.04%. Females have 66.5% rate while men are a whopping 88.52%, which could mean that more men go to school and not that many females do. According to the population, which is 5.261 million people, three million, four hundred ninety-eight thousand, five hundred and sixty-five out of females can read while four million, six thousand, fifty-seven hundred and thirty-seven men can read. This is more than a million difference between the men and women’s literacy rate.


The transportation in Congo is a little similar to the United States but also very different. They have are trains, taxis, water vehicles, and planes. But the road system is messy so there are not that many vehicles like cars on the roads.


The religion of Congo-Brazzaville is Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism. Christianity accounts for almost half of the total population and about two million people in the Congo are Catholics. Fifty-one percent of Congolese are protestants and thirty percent are Catholics.


Congo has two different types of Currency- CFA franc and the Central African CFA franc. $10 in the United States equals $5,762.119 in Congo. Congo is way poorer than the United States because if you convert it back it would be close to nothing in the United States. $10 USD to 5,762.119XAF. 5,762.119XAF to $0.017355 USD.


The Republic of the Congo is located in the western part of Central Africa, laying on the Equator. Since it is on the Equator, it is bordered by Angola Exclave of Cabinda to the south, borders east to the Central African Republic, north to Cameroon and located west is Gabon. It has a one hundred and five miles long Atlantic coast with several ports. Congo covers an area of 342,000 km², of which 341,500 km² island and 500 km² is water. Congo owns two hundred miles of territorial sea.

Trade with countries

The United States helps out with the Republic of Congo with goods. Two years ago, the U.S. gave Congo $117 million dollars in goods. Leading goods are poultry products($46,000,000) sauces(1,000,000), pork & pork products(348,000), rice(131,000), beef and beef products($241,000). Congo imports mineral fuels($103 million), wood & wood products(14 million), machinery and returns both 3 million, precious metals and stone like diamonds($2 million).


Congo has tons of attractions like rapid rivers and parks. There is a rapid river in Brazzaville called Les Rapides, most people view the rapids from a bar nearby called Site Touristique Les Rapides. The best viewing place is the other end at the sandy track after the bridge. You can also have a Picnic on the Congo River starting out at $165, it is five hours long and there is catering. You can eat lunch in the canoe on the Congo River, in the middle of the Malebo Pool, nearby village that overlooks the river rapids or at a private island where you can enjoy lunch on the sand.

Current Event

A baby in the Republic of Congo, named Benedicte, is the youngest survivor of Ebola and is called the “Young Miracle” Baby. Her mother died of Ebola during childbirth and Benedicte was admitted into a treatment center six days after birth. This is the tenth outbreak of Ebola in Congo and is the world’s second-deadliest Ebola outbreak. Congo’s health ministry says it now has 515 cases, 467 of them are confirmed cases and it includes 255 confirmed deaths. Children account for more than 33% of all Ebola outbreaks. 1 in 10 Ebola cases is a child, birth to five years old.

Historical Figures

Some historical figures born in Congo include Fulbert Youlou and François M’Pelé. Fulbert Youlou or Abbe Fulbert Youlou was born on July 19, 1917. He was the first president for the Republic of Congo from August 15, 1960, until August 1963. Before becoming president he was a removed Brazzaville-Congolese Roman Catholic priest. Youlou died on May 5, 1972, in Madrid, Spain.

François M’Pelé is a former Congolese professional football player. He was born on July 13, 1947, in Brazzaville, Congo and is now seventy-one years old. In 2006, M’Pelé was selected by CAF as one of the best 200 African football players in the last fifty years.

French colonized Republique du Congo in 1876 until 1885. essay

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French colonized Republique du Congo in 1876 until 1885.. (2022, Jun 26). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/french-colonized-republique-du-congo-in-1876-until-1885/


What French colonized the Congo?
The French Congo (French: Congo français) or Middle Congo (French: Moyen-Congo) was a French colony which at one time comprised the present-day area of the Republic of the Congo and parts of Gabon, and the Central African Republic. French Congo. French Congo Congo français 1882–1960 Flag Status French colony Capital Brazzaville 12 more rows
What happened when Congo was colonized?
King Leopold II of the Belgians attempted to persuade the Belgian government to support colonial expansion around the then-largely unexploited Congo Basin. Their ambivalence resulted in Leopold's establishing a colony himself. Belgian Congo. Preceded by Succeeded by Congo Free State Republic of the Congo
When did the French colonize the Republic of Congo?
French Colonization ( 1880-1960 ) Formerly known as the French Congo, the Republic of the Congo was established as a protectorate of France in 1880, which then became a French colony in 1882. The Republic of the Congo gained full independence from France in 1960.
Who did Congo get colonized by?
Belgian colonization of DR Congo began in 1885 when King Leopold II founded and ruled the Congo Free State.
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