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Description and Usage of Buchu Plant

Plant of choice: Buchu Scientific name: Agathosma betulina Common name: Buchu or Bergboegoe Family: Rutaceae Genus: Agathosma Species: Betulina Description of the Plant Agathosma betulina is a shrub that is well adapted to grow in dry regions. The leaves have round oil glands found scattered across the leaf, which release an aromatic golden oil that…



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Insect Counter Adaptations to Plant Defense Mechanisms

Introduction Co-adaptations, co-evolution, and co-speciation between phytophagous insects and their host plant have been the main subjects of interest for very long (Scriber 2002). The struggle of these subjects was to figure out the relationships, physiological, biochemical and ecological adaptations of the phytophagous insects. According to Scriber (2002), the topic of insect-plant relationships was defined…



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Plant Cloning

“In biology, a clone is a group of individual cells or organisms descended from one progenitor (otherwise known as a parent). This means that the clones from one progenitor are genetically identical due to cell replication and how it produces identical daughter cells each time. The use of the word clone has been expanded to…



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Role of Genetics and Plant Breeding in Agriculture

Plant breeding is an art and science that deals with the illusion of plant symbols, features, their composition and composition to make them more useful to humans. Climate change plays an important role in agriculture. Carbon dioxide is the basic gas for maintaining heat that contributes to recent climate change. CO2 is captured and released…



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