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Transforming E. Coli Bacteria with GFP and pGLO Through Heat Shock

 Introduction Genetic Transformation is crucial when attempting to see how an organism reacts to new and foreign pieces of genes and DNA. It can be used in biotechnology for gene coding, transforming bacteria, and seeing what diseases are caused by defective genes and how they are treated. In this experiment, the goal is to transform…




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Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria from Sewage‑Treated Effluent and Bio Solids

Introduction Sewage effluent is defined as treated or untreated wastewater generated from treatment plant. The treated sewage is classified based on its origin in domestic sewage, hospital sewage and industrial wastewaters. Domestic sewage is a complex mixture containing water together with organic and inorganic constituents and large numbers of pathogenic bacteria as well as viruses…



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Anaerobic Bacterias

Introduction Anaerobic bacteria are prokaryotic organisms. Anaerobic bacteria are growing in absence of oxygen by fermenting organic matter and produce value-added chemicals such as ethanol, acetic acid and lactic acid. They may be even died on exposure to oxygen or poison by oxygen (Zhe Ji et al., 2018). They are act as vital roles in…



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Danger of Bacteria and Koch’s Postulates

People continue to be careless about safety when it comes to bacteria. Bacteria have been known to travel fast and effortlessly to almost anywhere like food. Escherichia Coli has been moving around, putting people’s health at risk and close to death. This bacterium, e. coli, is very damaging to humans. Companies have started to become…




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Hotspots of Bacteria

Simply being told that some of our everyday objects may be hosts of invisible bacterial colonies may not be enough to motivate action. How much bacteria is really on there and dangerous is it really? We know that some types of bacteria are even considered beneficial, such as our own human gut bacteria, or the…




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Unknown Bacteria #82

Here on Earth we are surrounded by living things, which makes it important to be able to study the complex thing called life. When studying humans, you will come across microbes that are everywhere in your body. These microbes include protozoa, fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, and algae. According to the Weizmann Institute in Israel there…



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Quorum Sensing and Bacterial Biofilm Formation

Introduction Biofilm is a type of microbial colony that secretes mucilaginous substances enabling microorganisms to anchor to surfaces and each other. There are many beneficial roles for biofilm such as breaking down contaminants in soil or assisting in the digestive tract (Ungvarsky, 2015). However, biofilm can also be harmful when the sticky, matrix-enclosed communities allow…




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Putting Bacteria to Work

Introduction Industrial microbiology is the category of biotechnology that uses microorganisms to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. Most of the advancement is possible because of another biotechnology called genetic engineering. It entails the isolation and manipulation of DNA in order to solve research and real-world…



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Bacteria Growth

Introduction Bacteria are a specific kind of prokaryotic organisms that are very versatile and can survive in many different environments and can be found practically anywhere. Bacteria can be of existence in three distinct shapes: bacillus (rod-shaped), coccus (spherical),), and spirillum.  It can reproduce and change in many ways. Some of the ways it reproduces…



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Cytotoxicity of DNA Minor-Groove Alkylation in Human Enteric Bacteria

Introduction DNA minor-groove alkylating drugs are commonly used to target malignant cells and their efficacy in disrupting cell division1 and promoting mutagenesis is well studied. Far fewer studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effects of these drugs on enteric microflora and how chemotherapeutic use leads to disruption of bacterial metabolisms and diversity. Like antibiotics,…



Human Body

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