Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality

Updated December 28, 2021

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Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality essay

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Technology has been rapidly making its progress and has become a part of every person’s day to day life. We must be on par with the advanced technological innovations which is a difficult task. Instead of holding on outdated mass-media technologies, every person needs to be constantly followed and assess the power of technology. In the present environment, everyone has smartphones and can access the internet and do a lot of things from any place at any time with a single click (Riggs & Zhang, 1999). The most advanced current trending technologies which are: The Bio revolution, industrial robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality and machine learning, are evolving at a quick pace. I want to focus on how Virtual reality has exemplified the potential for messing things up.

Virtual reality (VR) is a false atmosphere that is formed with software and access to the individuals in such a way that the person who is using it dangles certainty and admits it as an actual physical atmosphere. While using in a desktop, VR is mainly practiced over two of the five senses: vision and hearing. Virtual reality can aid to generate innovative common involvements to elevate the humanoid understanding and fetch back a sensitivity of individual acquaintances (Kuchelmeister, 2018). When experiencing VR for the first time it feels like achieving a childhood daydream of existing in the future. It looks tough to accept as it is real, that user just must put the headset on, and he completely experiences a completely different world and cannot interact with other persons also and it makes users feel like they can do anything they want with this virtual world.

Virtual Reality (VR) experience can trick the human brain into trusting all the things they see in the virtual world created by VR effects and assume them to be real. VR creates an imaginary world that attracts the person so much due which it leads to several emotional & mental effects in handlers reliant on the kind of VR people are watching in. VR also causes severe anxiety issues because of the nature of VR as it occupies most of the user’s attention of virtual and increased certainty can bring pressure or nervousness after trying a full occlusion headset for more than a few minutes (Kuchelmeister, 2018). Virtual Reality (VR) can also cause an Existential Hangover, Nausea, dizziness, and eye strain. VR also makes user’s more exposed to radiation which is not a good sign.


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Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality essay

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