Corners of The Virtual Reality World

Updated August 12, 2022

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Corners of The Virtual Reality World essay

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Imagine if you were you were floating through space, watching horror film or perhaps playing a video game, and it seemed like you were actually there. With the invention of virtual reality (VR), people are able to explore the illusion of this reality. Virtual reality is computer generated technology used to created a manufactured environment. There are a range of systems that are used for this purpose such as special headsets and fiber optic gloves.

The term virtual reality means near reality. Instead of viewing a screen in front of you, users are able to experience and interact inside a 3D artificial word. However, like any other technology that has been created, virtual reality both had positive and negative effects. Does virtual reality allow individuals, or society as a whole to lose touch of the real world? Video games have always provided escapism, and their popularity proves how millions around the globe effectively invest their time playing games for entertainment.

Those who participate in virtual could also suffer from anxiety or despair, so they use virtual reality to shut out from the present environment. For example, Horizons VR is one of the more fascinating games of virtual reality. Horizon has players utilize the Google Daydream controller to move through a dreamlike, bright world. Music shifts as you are able to experience as diving underwater, weaving through mountains, all while speeding through a vivid hyperspace. These kind of visual experiences can sometimes be a simulated world expelled from their own. A world that might more extreme and different, providing their sense of loneliness with various ways to fulfill their emotional needs.

Suppose someone decide that they actually liked a false reality better than the real one? Players could get fixated on the virtual world to navigate from the real world. There’s already a psychological problem of games addiction among younger people, which can turn out to be increasingly hazardous with the spread of virtual innovations. “When virtual reality is more arousing to the brain and neuroendocrine system, we may see more problems with addiction as devices become accessible to more people.” Bolluyt J. (2017, January 25). With that being said, the possibility to alter it to your specific emotions, mind-sets, and needs also expands. This could be as compelling as some other great entertainment.

Some have argued that the graphics on virtual reality games much more interesting than just playing on a regular screen. This goes for all simulations, such as flying and being above the clouds. In virtual world we can do anything we want. As you get the opportunity to experience an ideal of an imaginary reality, there could be potential outcomes of the virtual world becoming addictive. We all know the feeling of being stunned when clowns or ghosts give us jump scares at the movies. With the power of virtual reality, this has expanded further so we can experience our terrors. These determinations run from confronting zombies, evil dolls, or gazing at an executioner from the point of view of a separated head.

However, “Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) has demonstrated that virtual reality games can lead to re-experiencing images, sounds, spontaneous thoughts and actions. Sometimes triggered by physical objects and events associated with the game.” Nova (March 2012). GTP suggests that players frequently hear hear sounds from games such as, screams, fire, and explosions long after they’ve left the virtual world. “One player reported hearing sounds from the first-person puzzle game portal when passing specific buildings that reminded him of the game’s world.” Stuart k. (30, July 2014) Because of the false locations in a artificial environment, “players overlay digital images in physical contexts, shifting between the virtual and the physical world.”

Angelica B. (May 2018) Regardless of whether you we want to walk on Mars, be apart of star wars, or experience a real-life horror film, all of these are conceivable virtual reality. There are always going to be people out there who worry about the rise of virtual reality will cause everyone to exist in their own personal bubbles, isolated from the rest of society. In this case, we can still take advantage of the power of virtual by remembering it was created to set a different way to view technology and interacting with others. While there are still some downfalls, the use of virtual reality for gaming and entertainment continues to develop. The idea of virtual encounters far surpasses anything a straightforward simple game screen can offer.


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Corners of The Virtual Reality World essay

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Corners of The Virtual Reality World. (2021, Dec 28). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/corners-of-the-virtual-reality-world/


What are the 3 elements of virtual reality?
Contexts in source publication. VPL system in 1989 was the one that attained the three elements of VR, i.e., life-size 3D space, real-time interaction, and self-projection ( Figure 3).
What are the 4 elements of virtual reality?
Craig, define 4 key elements of virtual reality experience: Virtual world. An imaginary space that independently exist from the real world. Immersion. The users are placed in a virtual space, cut from the real world on a sensory level. Sensory feedback. Interactivity. Comfort. Interaction. Video games. Education.
What are the main areas where we are using virtual reality?
10 Virtual Reality Applications Healthcare. The most important way VR is modernizing healthcare is through training. 2. Entertainment. Automotive. Education. Space & Military. Architecture. Digital Marketing. Occupational Safety.
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