My Ideal Society

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What makes a society truly “perfect”? Society is a group of people that live together in a more or less ordered community (…) A society is “ordered” but what is it that makes it run harmoniously and smooth? This is A question philosophers and politicians have spent generations trying to get answered. The idea of collectivism is that people should always put the good of society before the welfare of themselves. This way they will inevitably become happier because their society is prospering.

If people only put the welfare of themselves first, then the society would never grow or develop and it would always remain stagnant. People within a community use their skills to help better society in any way they can. A society is essentially made up of the the individuals who all make an agreement to work together so that everyone can benefit. I believe that society is created by a body of people with the same goal.

When a society uses communal values in their traditions, their identities cannot be separated from the groups that they belong too, but that doesn’t mean that they lose their identity in the crowd, it means that they find their identity inside of it. When we can all be different and yet all come together we can achieve harmony. Everyone should be their own person while also being a part of society and contributing to it. A collectivist society where the people value equality, cooperation, and compassion will create a society that is truly balanced and about as close to perfection as one can come.

Effective use of collectivism creates a society that is prosperous. The political and economical systems of collectivism are designed to respond more to the needs of the entire group. ​It is the political theory that people should be dependent on each other and that they should all have same ideas and worship the same goals of a group instead of the individual. Collectivists believe that the people should be united as a whole and live their lives for the community, the nation, and the society.

John Dewey, the father of pragmatism and modern liberalism explains the collectivist views.”Society in its unified structural character is the fact of the case; the non social individual is an abstraction arrived at by imagining what man would be if all his human qualities were taken away. Society as a real whole is the normal order and the mass as an aggregate of isolated units is the fiction”. Dewy explains that being part of a group is what being a human being is, and that individualism is not who we are meant to be. Collectivist values are necessary to create a peacefully balanced society.

Cooperation plays a vital role in society. Societies are formed by large groups of individuals that work together to achieve their goals and objectives. People can not live a happy and comfortable life without it. When people cooperate with one another, it develops intimacy among people which enables them to stand united. Society cannot exist without co-operation. Happiness among the people can only be accomplished if people act collectively. Society is produced by the cooperative activity of humans. It is a coordinated effort to reach mutual goals.

Cooperation automatically implies a regard for the wishes of other people, so if someone works together with someone, they not only care for their own wishes but they care for the wishes of the people they are cooperating with. In terms of business, It creates more benefit for less cost and makes our lives easier and better. Cooperation saves time because workers and management don’t have to dedicate valuable time to arguing or resolving conflicts. workers can dedicate more time to their duties in a cooperative workplace so that they are more productive.

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