Is Perfect Society Can Exist?

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The world is complex and today’s social standards make living and acting of one’s own manner even more difficult. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we could create and establish a brand new society, a system that guarantees all groups equality and total rights for every person. Social standards make it even more difficult to live and act in one’s own way. Would there be a way for everyone and everything to be equal?

Society can be described as a group of individuals with the same moral and judicial standards and values that live in agreement. In order to live in a community, these norms must be accepted and implemented as their own. While one may not always agree with these norms, they choose to compromise for the sake of others well-being. Society creates an image of the ideal individual, family, and structure. Every individual has his or her own views of how an ideal society might be. Society is described as a group of people living as members of the community.

An optimal society is a society with a restricted government that is a democracy. It is not always the strongest type of society, but in most instances, it is a superb type of government. There must be strict laws that must be followed by everyone including officials from those in the government. There must be a harsh punishment after a small crime in the society. In what and when they choose, everyone will have a voice. For everyone, including the government, there must be strict legislation. For anyone who breaks the law, there would be no mercy. If they understand their mistake, they may not always stop them. The public would see that this is a small fine and it’s not going to hurt them. They would see it as if I were doing things that I couldn’t get caught illegally and the criminal penalty is nothing. A community with a limited government that is a democracy is an ideal society.

Men and women’s roles have changed significantly in the previous decades, and men now accept some roles that were once seen by many as a woman’s roles. In this society, the sex of an individual does not hinder one from taking part fully in the society’s practices that he or she desired. Just like the families of the Industrial Capitalist society, they continue to live the ‘American Dream’ under which individuals are believed to all be unique and you can go home to your family in attempt to provide undying respect and appreciation.

Work is the opposite of home, work is the place where you make a living and earn money and do whatever you can to be at the top. Home is a place of love and connection between loved ones. Work and home are separate, but they come together equally to create a family. Opposed to a Agrarian Society where any inequality, difference, or double standards were significantly diminished. Men and women’s work were both different and unequal in an Agrarian Society and no focus or importance was placed on leisure. In this society, men and women are all equal in the work place, whoever is the best equally between the men and the women will come out on top, gender is not a significance in this society.

Over the past decades, the roles of genders roles have changed dramatically. An individual’s sex in this society does not prevent one from participating completely in the procedures of society that he or she wanted. Sharing and reciprocity are the fundamental principle between Hunting and Gathering societies. Throughout the Hunting and Gathering Society, there are two types of work done within their societies. The first job is housework consisting of childcare, cooking, building fires, and getting water, and the second job is hunting, which is where they were hunting for food. In a perfect society, these roles will be divided equally between the sexes.

Like the marital sex culture of a Hunting and Gathering society, sex will also be a behavior that is both valuable and pleasurable for reproduction and recreation.  Reproduction creates and requires more workers just like the Hunting and Gathering societies, but it is also about pleasure. Sex is going to be less shameful. But this society opposes views on sex outside of marriage from the Hunting and Gathering societies and that sex only for recreation. Sex outside marriage will be considered cheating unless the two partners agree that sex outside marriage is not cheating.

Sex in a marriage and out of a marriage can reproduce and is accepted. A person does not need to be married to have children. Sex in the Agrarian Society is also different from this society, where sex is all about making children and the pleasure of reproducing. Sex is not for fun and only reproduction. Women are permitted under their own direction to have kids or not to have kids.Sex will be less disgraceful. Reproduction produces more workers and needs them, but it is also about enjoyment.

Children in this society are just like the Hunting and Gathering Society’s handling of children, children are considered as unique and valuable living individuals.. Childhood’s fundamental principle is not that they are incompetent, vulnerable, or innocent. Instead, children are competent human beings. However, both kids and teenagers and adults are lively, both enjoying pleasure and enjoying recreational time. The only difference between adults and children leisure time is that adults only have free and fun time at home, outside the workplace.

Divorces have a deep impact on individual and social life. When parents get separated, parents don’t even think about what’s going to happen to their children. However divorce can save people from a bad marriage, but it can weaken the whole of society. Divorce can and should occur in this society when people who have bad marriages, but if one individual is less independent and dependent on the other, the more successful the partner will have to provide for the other, but be separate from one another. In some conditions, such as lack of support, violence or incompatible disagreements, divorce is essential just as the Industrial Capitalist Societies do. Divorces have a profound impact on individual and social life.

As people reach old age some are not capable of working and cannot access resources. Retirement and elderly living is someone that has to happen as people get old this is to allow the flow of newer individuals and insure a reproductive society. As people reach old age some are not capable of working and cannot access funds. Retirement and elderly living is something that has to happen as people get old this is to allow the flow of newer individuals and insure a reproductive new community.

In conclusion, a perfect society, like the Hunting and Gathering Society, the Industrial Capitalism Society and the Agrarian Society, can have elements from all other societies in the past to create the perfect one for you. Democratic ideas, gender roles, labor division, marriage, sex, kids, and elderly people come from all kinds of societies to establish the strongest for you. Men and women are created equally in a perfect society, work is to make a profit from which your home and family are for enjoyment and connectivity. Sex is for reproduction and pleasure, marriage is a choice and you don’t have don’t have to to choose it to create a family and have children, children are unique individuals that also have fun and to be competent parts of a society, and when you reach old age you don’t have to work and are respected in the community through their knowledgeable years on earth. Taking ideas from different societies creates a unique modern way of living.

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