What is Professionalism?

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Professionalism is the first thing that is being notice when you are in a workplace. Professionalism is defined as a set of characteristics and skills. Being in a medical health field, or in any business that requires interactions, professionalism is expected when working with clients. For me, aside from having a profession which is I define as a job, professionalism for me is having all the positive attributes and expertise that you can use when you are in a work environment.”


A part of being a professional is being an expert. Being an expert is the ability to aim towards perfecting your craft, gathering the appropriate tools you need to succeed in your job. Identifying the ability’s, you need to perform efficiently. A professional should aim for perfection even though they know it is not possible. Being a professional is putting in the time, having determination, and having resilience. You must put in the time to be able to see results. Nothing comes from just sitting around and waiting on something to happen. You must allocate time to keep updated on the knowledge it takes to strive. This then leads me into determination. You must have the drive to be able to keep going. You must keep pushing regardless of the obstacles in your path. Using resilience will help you stand firm until your idea of perfection has reached the max.


Secondly, communication also going together with professionalism. To achieve your goals, you must communicate effectively. A key ingredient in communication is the ability to be clear when explaining or allocating responsibilities. Speaking clearly by pronunciation your words and speaking at a consistent pace. Although verbal communication is a key aspect nonverbal also plays a big role. Some examples of nonverbal communication can include facial expression, physical distance between people, gestures, and of course the tone of your voice. Nonverbal communication splits into two parts, which are conscious and unconscious. Sometimes as humans we cannot control our facial expression, which makes this a unconscious gesture. An example of a conscious gesture would be you interrupting someone and have an ability to recognize what you were doing. Verbal communication is something we are all familiar with. Verbal communication deals with words we use day-to-day. Whether we write them or say them out loud.

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