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Henry David Thoreau and his “Walden”

One of America’s most famous authors, Henry David Thoreau is remembered for his philosophical and naturalist writings. He was born and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts, along with his older siblings John and Helen and younger sister Sophia. His father operated a local pencil factory, and his mom rented out parts of the house to boarders….



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Issues of Nationalism in America

Nationalism, which is a political term for white supremacy, has been an issue in the United States since the beginning of slavery, lasting long after the annullment of the Jim Crow Laws. This issue continues to linger, constantly revealing itself when fatal cases take place such as instances regarding modern racism displayed on the news,…



United States

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Two Concepts in Pedagogy

Paulo Freire, an educator, philosopher, and advocate for education was born in Recife, Brazil. He is known as one of the most important educators of the twentieth century (Shih, 2018). At a young age, Freire began to develop ideas from his own experiences while living in Brazil. He believed in the fighting of oppression because…



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University of Illinois Philharmonia Orchestra Music Concert Report

On Wednesday, October 17th I watched the University of Illinois Philharmonia Orchestra perform at Foellinger Great Hall at the Krannert Center. The venue for this performance was quite different from the previous performance I went to. It took place in a giant performing hall with tons of lights illuminating the stage and enough light to…

Concert Review,

Music Concert Report

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Plato’s Philosophical Theory

Plato was one of the most famous philosopher thinkers, his level of thinking and reasoning were well beyond that of his time. He believed that life is like being chained up in a cave and forced to watch shadows along the side of the cave. Plato suggested that this was an ideal society, he examined…

Allegory of The Cave,



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Concept of Time Travel

Time travel is a popular topic that can be found in wide-ranging forms of the science fiction genre. There are many different views to time travel, with the views comes opinions, different theories, and hopes for it. In this piece, I will focus on the theories of using time travel to go into the future….


Time Travel

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Comparison of Philosophy of Wisdom in Apology and Play Oedipus

Socrates’s philosophy of wisdom was rooted heavily upon the realization that all humans are ignorant: the defense he used at his own trial was that he himself was the wisest man in Athens simply because he was adequately self-aware enough to recognize his own ignorance, or lack of knowledge. In Sophocles’s play, Oedipus’s hamartia, a…




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Examining Democracy and Its Types

Democracy, with various perceptions, lacks of a single universal opinion. Thus, critics and philosophers, such as John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jason Brennan decided to share their critiques and views on democracy. Although I agree with most of their views, it is debatable whether one completely agrees with them, for each of them have…



Political science

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Glendale Community College Music Concert Report

In order to write a report on a musical performance, I searched in different websites and 
decided to attend a concert which was held at Glendale Community College. I found the 
information about this performance form the GCC’s web site, in the music department’s concert 
and events. (https://www.glendale.edu/academics/academic-divisions/visual-performing-arts-
division/music/concerts-events). The performance, titled as “Faculty Recital”, was…

Concert Review,

Music Concert Report

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Uncertainty and My Future

Uncertainty has been one of my biggest fears in life. I am a very calculated person and I feel most comfortable when I have a clear plan or an idea of where I am headed. I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and my largest stressors always seem to be…

College Education,


My Future

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Education is a complex process that has been evolving over the centuries to pass the essential survival skills as well as highly specialized knowledge to the next generations, and thus education itself has become a field of study. If you read essays on philosophy of education, you’ll see that it encompasses the study of goals, methods, the meaning of the whole process, and the practices used by educators to increase its efficiency.

Your college teacher has been educated in pedagogy to properly convey the information to you – the student. If you want to write your own philosophy of education essay, you need to dive deep into the history of the subject and see how it has been evolving over time. Teaching is now easy, so the educators need a proper methodology to make that process more effective, and you can check out the philosophy of education essay samples to see how educators have been evolving their approaches over the years.

With that knowledge in mind, you can understand your tutors better and see why they choose certain methods in teaching you and your peers.


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