Meaning of Good Life and Moral Life

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Two decades of living isn’t long enough for me to perfectly define what a good life is, even life in general. What I certainly know is that life isn’t easy, it’s horrible and complicated, but it is worth the try. Two decades of thriving has taught me valuable lessons one cannot obtain by just merely breathing the air around. It was nature’s choice that we came into existence, and what lies ahead after we were born are the results of our choices and decisions, the way we live our life and the way we let our lives be led on by others.

Oftentimes, I hear people tell each other “You’re an inspiration! You have lived a good life!”. But what does it mean to live a good life? Does living a good life means living on the way those saints of the churches have lived? Does living a good life means giving away possessions to those in need? Does it mean following what the book of your religion has to say?

Living a good life is a subjective way of living, a daily question of one’s self. It is a decision. Living a good life means living in whatever way that you tell yourself is a good way. It will be choosing between helping OR letting people stand on their own, between caring OR minding your own business, between telling the truth OR choosing not to get involved, between kindness OR refraining from being abused. It will be a daily process of examining what you feel is satisfying and fulfilling. No one has the right to tell you how to live a good life because living a good life will always be a personal matter. It is living based on the things that will make you grow into someone better, a way of living where you decide what is right and what is wrong for you.

Living a good life doesn’t mean you have to read and practice everything that your religion teaches you and become a saint, it does not mean you have to give love to everyone else. Sometimes it is best to choose our self over others. Living a good life is making use of the talent that you have, being able to hone it, and share it to others. It is being able to realize our full potentials, share our abilities and being an inspiration of genuineness. It is being able to practice what you really love doing, being able to express ourselves freely and stand on our belief without reservations. Living a good life is living with your purpose.

Missing begets searching. We search something because something is missing. Our failure at something is the start of searching for our real meaning of life. Our life may stumble upon rocks of failures and rejections, but it is something not to worry about because these rocks will tell you how to be strong, it will give you a picture of how much bigger rocks are coming your way. We keep in mind that living a good life is living through our failures for life is bland and boring without mistakes and disappointments. The search for the meaning of life means to find your purpose.

It is living every day, interacting with people from different walks of life, experiencing what life has to offer, a daily process of immersing yourself and understanding other people’s way of living. Sometimes this “meaning” we are looking for is a personal discovery, found within ourselves, but sometimes, it is found on other people, on our interactions, and on our way of dealing with the situations in front of us. What has been very sad on this day and age is that we are more dependent on what technology has to offer, feeling useless without network connections. People think they are genuinely happy being caged on the corners of those screens but ending up lonely and unaccomplished.

There is quite a blurry line between living a good life and living a moral life. But when we think of it, these two are totally different concepts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done together. Living a moral life overlaps living a good life and likewise. While living a good life is a personal matter, a decision based on what you think is right or wrong, living a moral life is much more subjected to various factors like religion, the environment you are living with, the culture you were brought up to, the principle inculcated in your traditions. While living a good life means living in whatever you think is a good way, living a moral life is setting aside your personal prejudices for the welfare of others. Living a good life and living a moral life is like choosing which is better, a cookie or an ice cream,

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