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Peter Singer’s Philosophy of Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a philosophy concept that decides what would be the most successful ways to help others by using proof from evidence and rational thinking. Effective Altruism is not an easy thing to just get people to agree on. It’s a very skeptical concept because effective altruist believes that if we are able to…



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Does Pure Altruism Exist

Introduction One of the most defining attributes of humanity is the practice of altruism. We experience an innate concern for the welfare of others, this in turn shapes our actions. Humans are seemingly hardwired for altruism. Our practice of altruism goes far beyond what occurs in other species. Psychological altruism, as opposed to biological altruism,…


Human Nature,


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Correlation between Religion and Altruism

Religion has the power to influence one’s actions. Some people believe that altruism is influenced by religion because of the emphasis on giving, while others believe that non religious people are more altruistic because they have more flexible beliefs. Although religion does not define one’s altruistic acts, one who practices religion is taught to be…



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Helping Others: Article Summary

The journal article, “Inter-Group Helping Relations as Power Relations: Maintaining or Challenging Social Dominance Between Groups Through Helping”, was written by Arie Nadler of Tel Aviv University. This particular journal article will discuss if in groups and outgroups establish or challenge dominance by helping others. This journal article will also see if a model of…


Helping Others,


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