Solar Innovation Technology

Updated May 28, 2021

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Solar Innovation Technology essay

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In today’s technologically advanced world, emerging technology means that new technical advancements and innovations are being made. As the population of the world increases, more emerging technologies will be needed and expanded. With this growing population a need for energy increases as well. These emerging technologies in agriculture today benefit farmers, people who rely on farmers which is a majority of the world, and the environment. Solar innovation technology is a great source providing renewable energy.


Energy is one of the most important resources today. Without energy there would be no power, electricity, or heating and cooling. Energy is important and needed to continue a positive economic growth for the world and provide society a comfortable way of living. There is so much non-renewable energy being used today and less renewable energy. This is where solar innovation takes place. Farmer and ranchers today are using solar innovation technology as a source of renewable energy.

A basic way to explain how solar innovation works, first the sun’s energy is collected through solar panels, then energy is stored, and people can utilize it on many of their applications at home. The picture above is a visual representation of what a solar farm set up looks like. Solar energy is gathered through mirrors and panels. The mirrors and solar panels are used to direct light to other areas of the farm where it can be used as electricity. In his article, Mukrimin Guney (2016) discusses how solar power is collected.

On the directly used systems, the solar energy can be captured to generate electricity or heat through a system of panels or mirrors. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar thermal collectors use heat-absorbing panels and a series of attached circulation tubes to heat water or buildings. Solar concentration systems use mirrors to focus the sun’s reflected rays on a heat collecting element. The concentrated sunlight heats water or a heat transferring fluid such as molten salt to generate steam, which is then used conventionally to spin turbines and generate electricity (Guney, 2016, p. 776).

Author Guney discusses important details how the process works to capture energy through solar innovation. This process is what creates the renewable energy through solar innovation technology systems.


Solar innovation in technology is a safe alternative that replaces coal and gas for generation of electricity. This eliminates pollution of land, air, and water. Solar innovation is not only saving energy, but it can also save people money on their utilities, electricity, etc. Solar energy can save farmers the money they spend on fuel to run power on their farms.

According to an article by Laiza King (2016), discusses how solar innovation is making an impact to the world today. Some topics discussed are how people are maximizing solar energy in their daily lives, the environmental benefits, and how it is expanding nationwide because of the benefits these solar innovations provide. Author Laiza King makes the statement that, solar is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable options for solar power across the globe, specifically in developing countries (King 2016).

Changing from lighting to heating, this can be used by first classifying energy sources and then installing the right equipment with solar energy resolutions (King 2016). The usage of the equipment produced from these solutions benefit by reducing a good percent of your energy bill through installation ventures (King 2016.) Solar innovation power is considered a renewable source because the sun continuously supplies it.

Future and Challenges

Technology is urging people to make it necessary to save the sun’s energy in a less costly approach. Some ideas to consider to when trying to save money setting up solar innovation systems would be the materials that are being used to capture the sun’s energy. There are different resources that could replace the original materials being used for solar energy. In her article, Chelsea Harvey (2016) discusses other technology that could possibly be the future of solar technology.

Harvey (2016) explains how perovskite solar cells the new upcoming products for solar power are and can be successful as the silicon cells originally being used today for solar innovation. Different benefits the peryskite solar cells provides versus the silicon cells could change the way solar innovations are set up if the peryskite has the better outcome.

The major appeal of pervskite solar cells is that they’re cheap. High quality silicon crystals must be made at high temperatures using very precise processes. Perovskite cells, on the other hand can be made at nearly room temperature using simpler methods, so production is not so costly (Harvey 2016).

Technology is beneficial when there is money and energy being saved at the same time of its use. This makes it easier to choose what emerging technology should be present in the future, but there are still challenges when deciding what technology should emerge and the reasons why. The peryskite cells are not ready for commercial use just yet, Nitin Padture who is a director of the Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovations predicts these cells will be used in the next five to ten years when there is more research for these cells (Harvey 2016.)

The importance of researching materials that are being used for something major like a solar innovative technology prevents accidents and errors. Different observations to pay attention for while researching new materials for solar innovative technology or any technology would be, safety, costs, did the new product work, and if the outcomes were successful. It is always good to keep other successful options in mind if it could benefit society the way peryskite possibly could. Researching this kind of technology is important for the future because it needs to be examined correctly before putting technologies to use.


Solar technology is a great source for the rising human population to save energy. Running electricity, power, water is used on a daily basis. There is so much waste and pollution from non-renewable energy. One day the earth will run out of its non-renewable resources like coal, gas, and fuel that powers humans every day uses. When that day comes that will be when solar innovation is the only option for energy to be produced. Solar innovation in technology will continue to emerge because there is always a need for energy.


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Solar Innovation Technology essay

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