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The Nurse Educator in the Clinical Setting

Nursing students are being challenged to think and learn in ways that will prepare them to practice in a complex health care environment. Clinical experiences increase nursing student’s knowledge and their capability to synthesize theoretical knowledge and nursing care (Cowen, Hubbard & Hancock, 2016). Clinical conferences give students the opportunity to share difficulties and feelings…


Why Become A Nurse,

Why I Want to Be a Nurse

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Issue of Emerging Adulthood Substance Abuse

Emerging adulthood is the stage in life where a person starts having more responsibilities. Depression is very predominant with all of the responsibilities that come in this stage. This responsibilities are what will make them turn into the adult they want to become. They need to go to college and work hard for whatever path…

Emerging Adulthood,

Human Development,

Substance Abuse

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Understanding Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy is said to be one of the most beautiful and joyous event a woman can experience in her life. A baby starts its growing process in the womb where it stays in fetal position safely inside for 40 weeks if it’s a full-term baby. That’s 280 days where you have a human being inside…


Postpartum Depression,


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Time for the Most Beneficial Exercises

The most precious time of the day is in the morning. After a restful night, the body is indeed energetic in the morning. For those who love fitness, the first thing in the morning is exercise. Of course, many people also said that starting exercise in the evening is conducive to better playing sports. Many…

Benefits of Exercise,


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Is There a Link Between Pregnancy and PTSD

When reviewing findings within this topic, a major theme was the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and/or postpartum depression. In the article, “A Simple Model for Prediction Postpartum PTSD in High-risk Pregnancies” 89 women, ranging in age from 24 to 47; were participants in the study for the course of fourteen months. The findings demonstrate…




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Positive Impacts of Exercising for Well-Being

With the multitude of diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, exercising to achieve better mindfulness is something that is worth learning more about. As early as primary school, children are introduced to simple exercises and eating healthy, and a constant reminder of the need to do both is something one has…

Benefits of Exercise,


Healthy Lifestyle

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Sex Trafficking and Prostitution in the United States

Illegal sexual services in America are provided from both US and foreign citizens. The following research describes characteristics of foreign individuals who have been trafficked to the US for the purposes of being sold for sexual services. These victims are primarily female and from a wide variety of home countries. Sex services are offered in…


Sex Trafficking

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Bioethics and the Law in Doctors Work

The United States’ laws requires that when patients consult a doctor, then the doctor has three primary obligations. First, the doctor has to decide whether to go ahead with the treatment. Secondly, the doctor must determine what treatment to give, and lastly, the doctor must provide care during treatment. A breach of any of these…


Health Care,

Medical Ethics

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Wishes Alexander the Great His Confession

Alexander and some of his troops had just spent a short period of time near Lake Mareotis. The king had plans to build a city next to it, the city of Alexandria. Like said in Lesson 4’s commentary, the crew probably stayed for the start of the city’s construction, before leaving to march just over…

Alcohol Abuse,


Alexander The Great

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Childbirth and Postpartum Depression

Childbirth can be in most cases one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have and it can be one of the most exhilarating, special moments in mother and fathers life. However unless a person is in the process of soon to give birth most of the time there is little information that one…


Postpartum Depression,


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