New Technology in Genetics

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Tandem Mass Spectrometry permits multiple testing of more than one genetic disorder at the same time. It is cost efficient since Tandem Mass Spectrometry is a lot more effectual when compared to the conventional method and it allows the inclusion of increasing number of disorders. These tests are also highly sensitive, as it only requires a small amount of blood sample to measure multiple acylcarnitines and amino acids in a single injection. Using only a single dried filter paper blood spot, tandem mass spectrometry can identify more than 30 inherited metabolic disorders in around two to three minutes.

In fact, the new technology and advancement of Tandem Mass Spectrometry has been so successful that a lot of developed countries including Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Neverland, Denmark and the United States have now adopted and included this as part of the program for new born screening for inborn genetic and metabolic diseases. For example, in Australia, a new born kid can be screened for all disorder that can be detected by the MS/MS analysis while the United States screens for more than 30 metabolic conditions in approximately 4.3 million of the newborn using the Tandem Mass Spectrometry approach.

Because of these recent advancements in the technology, a new method of detecting new born genetic or metabolic diseases has recently been developed by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG). The committee has developed a new system to assign a score for each new born metabolic or genetic disorder in both their acute and chronic forms based on analytical characteristics, clinical characteristics, diagnosis, treatment, and management. This score will characterize the relationships between conditions screened in newborn screening laboratories and the markers used for screening.

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