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Poor Nutrition and Its Effects on Learning

Introduction School is an important place where most students consume up to one-half of their daily calories. However, there are many vending machines in American schools that provide foods for their students. Is it good for them? The answer is absolutely not. Because those foods are almost all junk foods, such as chips, candy bars,…

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Sports Nutrition

Do you ever wonder how athletes are able to do everyday tasks and exert more energy for the activity at hand with ease? Many athletes look towards nutrition to enhance their performance and competiveness during recreational and professional events. Some may even have trainers or dieticians who counsel them for their competitions and overall health…



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Nurse Recommendations of Healthy Nutrition 

On this day, a nursing student conducted a 24-hour diet recall for a nutrition assignment. The student’s findings resulted in totals of 2,048 calories, 289 grams of carbs, 62 grams of fat, 79 grams of protein, 3,380 milligrams of sodium, and 48 grams of sugar. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the daily nutrient…

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The Effects of Great Nutrition and Poor Nutrition

In this day and age, poor nutrition is on the rise, from fast food to processed food in the freezer. It might taste good at the time, but it will eventually lead to some deeper situations that are not very good; such as stress, heart disease, diabetes, and many other possibilities. There are a ton…

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Basic Nutrition

American dietetic association defines Nutrition as the process by which food and other food substances are ingested in the mouth, digested, absorbed and assimilated by the human body. It can also be defined as the sum of total of the processes involved in the intake and utilization of food substances by living organisms, including ingestion,…



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Nutrition as an Important Part of Health

Although many people understand the importance of nutrition in their health and well-being, not all individuals apply this crucial aspect in their lives that has contributed to an increase in chronic diseases that could have been prevented. In health promotion programs, nutrition is a critical part of health due to its role in disease prevention….

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Nutrition Perspectives

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto​ by Michael Pollan surveys the contention between mainstream-scientific nutrition perspectives (what he labels as “nutritionism”), and traditional, historic eating cultures. The author explains that while the scientific community has attempted to dissect and understand the building blocks of food, he believes that this very same community has made…

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Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrition for athletes is an important social issue today because many athletes feel pressure from society to change their eating habits in order to look a certain way based on the sports they play. According to Dr. Sarah Gibson, “Athletes in sports where weight is emphasized — such as wrestling, swimming, dance, or gymnastics —…



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Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and fitness need to coincide for the optimal outcome. Being asked about nutrition and supplements is a common occurrence in the fitness industry. It is also often a gray area for fitness trainers as to how much and what type of advice they should be giving to a client. Therefore, it is important for…



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Nutrition and Ethics

Nutrition is a global health issue for everyone around the world. I would like to shine a light on nutrition because I feel as people do not really think much of it. We live in a world where we are either overweight, obese or malnourished. Food has become the world’s greatest health challenge. It was…




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